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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

What's New! Latest Additions & Updates.

Early Fall 2011 (September)

  1. "A Photographic Essay in Scrotal Tension": Addition of the dartos muscle layer within the scrotal sack skin. This muscle layer is responsible for all phases of scrotal tension.
  2. "Preservation of Lotions & Butters: Ball Gloves & Barrier Bags": -Addition of a third source for the use of moisture barrier bags...the American newspaper bag. -Addition of new information regarding the development of skin allergy to commercial lotions. This is an important piece of information that all readers should familiarize themselves with in the event of this allergic reaction.
  3. "Ball Stretching Methods": Additional new information regarding Secretleather's new Ball-Forcer stretching system.
  4. "Glossary of Terms": addition of the following terms: Penoscrotal Web, Dartos Muscle Layer, Anal Web, and Ball-Forcer. Revised the definition of "Skin Web". The Glossary also has an alphabetic link, just press a letter and you're there!
  5. "Method 1 - Using Manual Stretching Exercises": revised wording and added the term "Penoscrotal Web".
  6. "My Testicles Slip Out of My Weight/Stretcher! Help!": Revised wording and replaced the confusing term "Recessive Testicle" with the term "Secondary Testicle".
  7. "Measuring for a Steel Weight": This is a new and simplified method for how you can calculate your comfort range when trying to determine what size is needed for a metal weight. All readers should check this new and exciting measuring system devised by the author.
  8. "Points of Interest While Stretching at Home": A new and more stable description for the use of a Hang Strap. This strap is used to hold a long scrotal hang in place that eliminates horizontal motion but allows for the vertical motion and the pleasant tug of the weight can still be observed.
  9. "Products Review: Secretleather's Best Selling Gear": This new chapter is an in-depth review of the most popular items selling today. If you have a question regarding these Secretleather products, this chapter will answer them. This is a most definite interesting read for those both new and old to this stretching program within this web guide.
  10. "The Use of Excessively Heavy Weights:" - Addition of the "Plateau Stage" of the stretching program. This is the stage of scrotal growth through cellular multiplication.
    - Addition of new and very important weight increase guidelines for users new to the use of metal weights. EVERYONE new to the use of weights should make it a priority to read this new information on how to proceed in the metal weights stretching program.
  11. "Moved by Gratitude...How can I Help?": In this final chapter, the author has made known a very well deserving charity in the event that the reader is so moved by gratitude that a way to express that gratitude is sought. "Paws & Claws" humane society of Olmsted county in Rochester, Minnesota.
  12. "Clothing: What and How to Wear": The author has added a Clothing Guide for the Busy Professional Man. Here, the most convenient ways to balance work and leisure-time clothing styles and weight stretching progress is revealed.
  13. New Table of Contents organization. Now, readers can visually see the four categories of the web guide and can more easily read the chapter titles. Readers can, for example, choose to read the first chapter of each section rather than go in order from start to finish.
  14. New "Preface" written, placed at the front of the web guide. I am hopeful this preface gives a good idea of what this web guide can provide for its readers...along with support from me and

Spring 2011 (March, April, May)

  1. Glossary Update with the following terms: Ball Barrier, Ball Pumping, Barrier Glove, Barrier Bag, Compressed Testicle, Dominant Testicle, Hair Trail, Primary Testicle, Scrotal Bathing, Secondary Testicle.
  2. Added some resources for those interested in gaining scrotal length and larger testicle size through ball pumping. Visit for supplies and information.
  3. New Ball Pumping Techniques chapter.
  4. New How to Perform a Self Testicle Examination chapter.
  5. Ball Gloves Update. Extra-large Kimberly Clark® are available. Men with long scrotal hangs can have complete moisture barrier coverage to the top of the scrotal sack.
  6. Update for Funnel Effect Users: Alternate the bottom two weights back and forth, this provides some recovery time for the secondary testicle. Without alternating weights and using only the Funnel Effect indefinitely, the secondary testicle can become compressed. Read more about it!
  7. Socks update. Why thin socks are better, how to keep the weights quiet, the best way to fold a sock for wear.

Winter (December 2010, January 2011)

  1. New 'Ball Boats'© invention by Jarod, the best way to position a long hang when seated on a toilet.
  2. WMC Consumer Warning
  3. Preservation of Lotions & Butters: "Ball Gloves© & Barrier Bags©". This involves making a moisture barrier using hospital gloves or sandwich bags; these hold in topical ointments as well as enhancing scrotal relaxation, elasticity, and sensitivity.
  4. New Hang Strap idea for use when hanging low and loose but the swinging motion of the hang is unwanted. Vertical bounce is preserved, horizontal swing movement is eliminated.
  5. Updated Author's Biography.
  6. "My Testicles Slip Out My Weight/Stretcher! Help!" This chapter provides some ideas for those who experience more frequent escapement of the testicles.

Fall 2010 (September, October & November)

New Chapters in Bold:

  1. Change in the wording of the Preface.
  2. Additional information and technique regarding the use of socks in the "Non-Standard Items" chapter.
  3. New supportive underwear Method 2 for those who wish to diminish a crotch bulge as much as possible. This method is the best so far!
  4. Introducing Spouses/Partners/Friends & Family to Ball-Stretching - This chapter is a MUST READ for anyone unsure on how to approach someone on this topic.
  5. Personal Update at the end of "The Author's Biography" chapter.
  6. Data correction: changed nerve growth from ? to 6.35mm per week. Found at end of "Side Effects" chapter.

Summer 2010 (June, July & August)

New Chapters in Bold:

  1. The Principle of Skin Expansion.
  2. A Graded Method of Progress: Beginner to Advanced.
  3. Wear & Care of Leather Stretchers and Metal Weights.
  4. Clothing: What and How to Wear.
  5. Two methods on hiding a permanent hang within tight brief style underwear.
  6. A Photographic Essay on Scrotal Tension.
  7. A new exercise for stretching the spermatic cords-- Exercise 10.
  8. Recommendation for purchase of additional spare key/bolt for WMC™ and New Ringmaster™ weights {under $3 for each key & bolt set}.
  9., a valuable ball-stretching chat and message center.
  10. Addition of a Preface for first time visitors.
  11. Discussion on reusable hand warmers for those in cold climates, at the end of the "Points of Interest" chapter.
  12. Glossary of Terms.
  13. New example images on measuring for a metal weight as well as an example of all maths involved. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS before ordering a metal weight.
  14. How to keep the testicles and weights in place when sitting down, in the "Points of Interest" chapter.
  15. Preference for more shorter length weights instead of a single longer length weight, in the "Steel Weights" chapter.
  16. New discussion regarding skin pore inflammation in the "Side Effects" chapter. Also, discussion on the soft sensitive skin of the scrotal sack.
  17. Update on testicle sensations and changes in testicle sensitivity, which differ from ball sack sensations. Read in the "Side Effects" chapter.
  18. I've reached my Goal: Now What?
  19. New discussion of baby/toddler elastic cotton socks for use on the scrotal hang. The use of a bandage wrap (light tan ACE bandages) elastic/Velcro are good reinforcement wraps. Read in the "Ball-stretching Using Non-standard Items" chapter.
  20. Updated Contact Information: Email, Yahoo Messenger, Rantallion, Secret Leather Discussion, LifeOut, and Bull Balls. The author does NOT recommend LPSG.ORG due to hostility regarding the posting of ball-stretching information.