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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

To measure for a leather ball stretcher, the scrotum must be loose. Make this measurement in the shower or bath with a piece of string. Measure the scrotum by starting from the base of the penis. Hold the penis straight up flat against the abdomen. Measure the scrotum starting at the penis and scrotum fold line, at the top of the formation of the scrotum. If there is confusion, let the penis hang down naturally flat against the testicles. Make a note of where the penis and top of the scrotum come together and fold against each other. Remember where this spot is when the penis is positioned straight up again flat against the abdomen.

There is a small web or flap of skin that connects the base of the penis to the scrotum. This web or flap of skin will lengthen as it is stretched using the leather stretcher. Exercise 6 will quickly lengthen this skin web in the case of the problems listed in the exercise. Measure the scrotum starting at the fold line all the way down to the top of the testicles. Again, make sure the scrotum is loose and fully extended in the warm water of a bath or shower.

An additional length to the stretcher should be added to create the force needed to stretch the skin. Typically, an additional quarter inch (conservative amount) to a half inch (liberal amount) of additional ball stretcher length should be added to the measurement of the scrotum. If this stretcher is going to be used in combination with a metal ball weight, remember to subtract the length (thickness) of the ball weight so the stretcher is not TOO long.

Once the addition of a stretch length and planning ahead for use alone or with metal weights (subtract weight length) then the stretcher can be ordered.

A leather ball stretcher will also stretch the mid front section of the scrotum up and down as it pushes the testicles down, and also pushing straight up against the base of the penis. Leather ball stretchers also stretch the ventral central length of skin on the penis: the middle section of skin on the bottom side of the penis. Getting a leather stretcher of the right length will accomplish this push down push up action.

A ball stretcher feels wonderful because it hugs the entire length of the scrotum from the testicles up to the base of the penis where the scrotum begins its formation. If desired, weighted leather stretchers are also available. Pellets of lead are put in leather pouches on the sides for the entire length of the stretcher that weigh it down, accomplishing the same goal as using a stretcher in combination with a metal weight.

Ordering a leather ball stretcher is easy, as and many other reputable online retailers stock a good selection. The stretchers tend to come in standard lengths: ½ inch, 1 inch, 1½ inch, 2 inch, 2½ inch, 3 inch, and even 4 inches. Leather stretchers typically come with snap fasteners the entire length of the stretcher, with approximately one snap for every inch of the stretcher length. The male end of the button snaps usually come in two rows parallel to each other down the length of the stretcher. This allows for a firm snug fit when using the row of male snaps farthest from the female end of the snaps, and a more relaxed fit for the row of male snaps closest to the female end of the snaps. For some men, using the firm snug snaps is impossible due to the thickness of the stretch so they can only use the more relaxed fit row of snaps nearest to the female end of the snaps. Typically, stretchers 4 inches and longer are not a standard item, so if a stretching length longer that 4 inches is needed, the stretchers can be added together one after another on the length of the scrotal stretch. A 2 inch and a 3 inch can be added together to make a 5 inch stretch length.

When using the longer length leather stretchers, a long single stretcher tends to show up as a long cylinder going down the pant leg when wearing loose jeans, jogging pants, or basketball shorts (the testicles often poke through the hem of loose fitting track shorts). This can be bothersome for wear while out in the public, and can attract unwanted attention. Conversely, smaller length stretchers added together can "bend" at the points where two stretchers come together, and the long cylinder look can be diminished. For example, a 7 inch stretcher can be worn, but it will have the long cylinder appearance down the pant leg (looking like a long penis erection down the pant leg). However, a 3 inch and a 4 inch stretcher can be worn, and they will angle themselves around the bend at the inner thigh and not appear as obvious.

Some leather stretchers come with a "D" ring. This is provided so that the user may add additional weights clipped onto the small ring provided. Ball separators are a piece of narrow leather stripping that is designed to divide the two testicles in half, so that one testicle is in one skin pouch and the other is in the other skin pouch with the leather strip dividing the two. For the most comfort, if two or more leather ball stretchers are going to be used together (such as a 2 inch and a 3 inch for a 5 inch stretch), it is best that the fabric/leather material of the leather stretcher be the same thicknesses on both/all stretchers used on the stretch. If this is not the case, the thinner stretchers tend to give in to the pressure of the stretch and collapse like a telescope inside the cylinder of the neighboring stretcher and can pinch scrotal skin inside the leather stretchers. If each stretcher is ordered as they are needed, make a note of where the stretchers were ordered so that subsequent stretchers can be ordered from the same factory and have the same thicknesses in material.