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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

The Author's Stretching Biography

Many new users have asked me questions regarding my biography and how I became interested in ball stretching. For curiosity's sake, the following is a short biography detailing the author's interest and progress in the Art of Ball Stretching.

From an early age I had an instinctual interest in things that would hang between the legs…either animal or human. At the age of two years old, I had an uncle who was a dairy farmer with a large herd of dairy cows. I can remember the first time I saw a dairy cow with her huge udders hanging between her back legs. I was amazed and mesmerized at the same time! I can remember trying to mimic these dairy cows by crawling around on the floor and placing a large Nerf sponge ball inside my underwear and gazing at the bulge it created. My aunt, taking notice how much I enjoyed the dairy cows, gave me a large pink stuffed animal resembling a dairy cow which had a very large stuffed pink ball between the back legs, something which I made sure to show everyone who visited my house. There are many pictures of me as a two year old, smiling brightly as I held up my dairy cow by the neck and showing off the large pink ball between the stuffed animal's back legs. Also at this young age, I recall my sexual orientation had become firmly established.

By the fifth grade I began to enter puberty. I remember taking notice of the small black hairs beginning to populate my scrotal sack, of the expansion my penis and testicles were experiencing, as well as the lengthening and growth of my scrotal sack. In the shower, I would play with my balls at great length, and noticed how they would hang lower in the hot shower water than they would at room temperature. I loved to stretch my sack and pull on my testicles in the hot shower water. It was also about this time that I sought out things I could place on my increasing hang between my body and testicles. I tried anything that had a hollow center, hanging it on my balls and enjoying the sensations it created. I came to the discovery that the ponytailers my younger sister used to make her pony tails felt very satisfying when I put them on my hang. I remember over a period of several months I began confiscating her ponytailers and made my own private reserve of them. I wore as many as I could fit on my hang. Also at this time, I wore the tighty-whitey style underwear. I did not like how they confined my balls, so I would tear at the seams so that my balls would automatically slip through the bottom of the underwear and were free to hang unhindered in my pants. By the ninth grade, I had 2 ½ inch hang between my body and the top of my testicles. I continued to wear the elastic ponytailers because they felt so good on my hang. I had no idea I could actually increase the length of my hang using the stretching methods discussed above in this article.

Throughout my college years, I continued to wear the ponytailers on my hang. It was not until graduate school that I ran across leather stretchers online. I was immediately intrigued by this new item which seemed to be made especially for wear on the hang between the body and the testicles. In 2001, I began my love affair with the leather stretchers. I began with a 2 inch stretcher. I wore it nonstop for a period of about 5 months but my stretch was already beyond the length of this stretcher. I wore it for the feeling and not for any stretch it would create. I then ordered a 3 inch stretcher and wore that nonstop for a period of about 14 months. Again, I wore it for the feeling it created and I enjoyed the actual half inch stretch it generated on my balls, and I became hooked on the feeling of pressure pushing downward on my testicles. I did not know anything about lotions that would help in the stretching of the skin; I only used hand lotion for lubrication and easier wear. About a year later, I became aware that the stretcher was no longer giving me any pressure on my testicles and that my testicles actually would hang loosely out the end of the stretcher. I ordered a 4 inch stretcher, and my stretching feeling returned and was happy once again. Around 2005 I custom ordered a 5 inch stretcher, again taking note that my balls hung loosely out the end of my old 4 inch stretcher. Again, the tight fit and stretch was an immediate turn on. Due to the lotion I was using as lubrication, this stretcher began to collapse and the leather became very soft and flexible. It became compressed to around 4 ½ inches after a year of wear and my balls again would hang loosely out the end of this stretcher. I found an excellent buy on a new 5 inch stretcher, this time it was thick firm and totally unbendable. I wore this stretcher until the year 2007.

In 2006 I had finally finished my dissertation and was awarded my doctoral degree. I made a move westward half way across the country. Shortly after my move, a stretching friend of mine had been having a lot of success with metal split collars. Since I had recently become interested in gaining a longer hang, actively looking for items which would increase my hang and not getting a longer hang as a side effect of wearing stretchers. At a hang of 5 ½ inches between my body and top of the testicles, I ordered my first metal weight. It was a 16 oz weight from an online shop based in Minneapolis, a city which was near by my place of residence. I wore this weight non-stop 24/7. I loved the tug and pull I felt every time I would stand up, and every time I would walk around in the summertime wearing only loose fitting athletic shorts. After about 5 months of use, I began to tire of the pressure points and uncomfortable feelings I would feel after sitting still for a long period of time at work, and while sleeping at night with the weight. I ran across the Secret Leather site and enthusiastically ordered the 8 oz WMC ™ weight, in hopes it would eliminate the pressure points I was feeling. I was overjoyed after wearing the new weight in combination with my old 16 oz weight, because all my pressure point pain had completely disappeared. I plan on buying another WMC ™ during the Christmas season 2009 as a well earned present to myself!

After nearly one year of wearing steel weights alone and in combination with leather stretchers, my hang has increased to 6 ½ inches between my body and testicles. Wearing 3 and 4 inch leather stretchers together I can comfortably achieve a stretching length of 7 inches.

My daily regimen seems to change week to week as I continue to experiment with weights, stretchers, and lotion combinations and at the same time maintaining a professional life as well as a private life at home. A general routine for me would be as follows:

During my morning shower, I stand and let the hot water flow over my penis and testicles for about 2 minutes. I enjoy the feeling of water spraying on my sensitive scrotal sack and feel them relax slowly and gently as they hang lower and lower. After they have relaxed, I do some brief stretching exercises. I quickly run through exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. Since I am usually in a rush for time, I only do one repetition of each but let each exercise last about a minute each.

After shower wearing a WMC ™ above my testicles, a 16 oz weight above that, and a second WMC ™ above that, I generously apply some cocoa butter lotion on my hang and under the weights. Since I cannot have a bulge in my crotch while at work, I wear tight underwear which temporarily disables the stretch and holds the weights up high. I use cocoa butter as a lubricant for comfort throughout the work day.

After returning home from work, I take off my work clothes and wear athletic pants and allow my stretch to hang unhindered. I also apply shea butter lotion to help with the elasticity of the skin. While working out at the gym, I again wear tight underwear to prevent the testicles from slipping past my shorts hem. While in the locker room, I have no problem being naked wearing the ball weights and letting my scrotal sack hang and dangle freely in the presence of other athletes. During my gym shower, I again let the testicles hang freely in the hot water and they begin to relax once again after my work out. After the gym shower my stretch is probably nearly 7 inches in length and over 8 inches to the bottom of my testicles. I get a slight exhibitionist thrill as I march out of the shower and let my sack hang swinging and bouncing between my thighs as I make my way to my locker. I have never had anyone ask me a question regarding the weights or length of my hang, but I have noticed that all the other athletes can't help but look and wonder. On the other hand, I have had many other athletes strike up an enjoyable conversation with me! I tend to be proud of my ancient Greek value system, and let my sack hang unhindered several inches below the changing bench.

Before bed, I again apply shea butter to my stretch. I put a 4 or 5 inch stretcher between the 16 oz weight and the top WMC ™ weight for a night of stretching pleasure. If the 5 inch stretcher begins to feel uncomfortable I will take it off and wear the 4 inch stretcher the remainder of the night. I have recently discovered that the hang is much looser using shea butter than cocoa butter and that is why I use it when I am actively stretching. The cocoa butter works well as a lubricant when I am not stretching and only wearing the weights up high with tight underwear.

Many have asked me what my end goal is for a scrotal sack length. I do not have any goal in mind, rather, I am again wearing stretchers and weights for the pleasurable feelings they create, and the added scrotal length is a beneficial side effect of this. I am truly satisfied with my current hang length but if it continues to increase as I enjoy the weights and stretchers, so be it! I will admit that I am hooked on ball stretching for life. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

As I look back on the previous 8 years I have been actively stretching with the leather stretchers and ball weights, I am convinced that my current level of progress can be achieved in 56.3% of the time. If I had a user's guide pre-planned and written for me to follow I would have known about the various stretching techniques, use of elasticity and lotions, and how to plan the various stages of stretcher length and ball weights. The combination of ball weights and stretchers at the beginning of my experience would have greatly reduced the time it has taken me to achieve my current 7 inch hang. On average, I have gained 0.563 inches of new hang each year. Given the techniques explained in this article, a user dedicated to the practice could easily achieve 8.0 new inches of hang in the same amount of time it has taken me to achieve 4.5 new inches of hang. In addition, if I had individual help, advice, suggestions, additional personalized techniques, information exchange, encouragement and genuine interest from another devoted stretcher I am convinced this time could have been reduced even more. The pleasurable feelings stretching creates, as well as the friendship and help from other online stretchers would have made my journey thus far perhaps one of the best experiences of my life.

Perhaps some last minute advice to new users would be as follows: do not dwell on actual progress, rather, concentrate and focus on the wide spectrum of pleasurable feelings that ball stretching stirs in each person who devotes himself to the practice. Allow the progress to take care of its self. For example, if users plan on doing some stretching exercises, concentrate on the feeling each exercise creates and do them for the sensations and not for the sake of just the exercise its self. This will greatly improve motivation! Motivation by pleasure is the key, not progress. Keeping one's self motivated day by day is the greatest impediment to achieving each user's personal goal.

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One year later......a note from the author (December 2010)

Dear Friends,

It has been a long ride since last year. This web guide has experienced a tremendous amount of updating and addition of new information and techniques since November 2009. For over 55,000 readers, this web guide has served as a valuable source of data from the basics to the advanced with the convenience of it all being available in one place at your fingertips!

I am very encouraged to have received literally hundreds of emails and other forms of communication from individuals beginning this exciting and pleasurable journey to lower hanging testicles. I am overjoyed to see so many new readers expressing interest in our Art! Yes, this is an art form; as we are all working on the beautification of our bodies, our personal temples, with the appearance WE desire. We are no longer limited to the expression of our genes, we are literally unlimited in the amount of pleasure and personal gratification that this art provides.

I am especially touched by so many personal stories of improved self-confidence and self-esteem by so many men across the world. There is abundant personal power felt through the visual appearance of a large and impressive genital package. I have heard so many stories about men strutting proudly through the open gym showers and locker rooms displaying their illustrious highly respected genitals. This art, expressed by our own bodies, seems to have an unlimited potential in benefits-- both physical and psychological. I am a firm believer in these words: "YOU effect the reality you SEE!" This is a quote from the movie "What the BLEEP do we know?" which explains the universal Law of Attraction's role in quantum physics...which relates to ALL OF US on the most basic of levels. I also recommend the movie "The Secret" regarding powerful positive thought processes.

As most of you are finding out for yourselves, our personal daily stretching regimen seems to change over time. I have just received my 30mm WMC® weight and that will change my routine yet again. I do believe I have found my comfort level, at 40 to 47 ounces. While showering, I like to spend a couple minutes letting the hot water rush over my hang and relax the ball sack. As I shower, I can feel the sack hanging at it's lowest which provides a powerful sensation with each movement. I rarely do stretching exercises since I am satisfied with my sack as it hangs with the weights. If I do remember to stretch, I do exercises No. 4 and No. 6. I am not interested in a longer hang at this point, I am simply enjoying the sensations that low hanging balls provide. My hang length without weights is about 2½ inches higher than my weighted hang. I would like to experience a non-weighted hang at my current weighted hang length. I hope that makes sense! :)

Currently, I am using three WMC® weights. One 39mm ID on the bottom, one 36mmID above, one 1¾ inch 35mm New Ringmaster® (hanging on the thinnest part of the sack- the middle) and one 36mm ID WMC® on top of the weight stack. This is a total of 47 ounces. I am thinking I will use the new WMC® weight tomorrow and use it as the third weight from the bottom instead of the 1¾ inch 35mm ID. If this is too light, I can add 7 more ounces with a ½ inch New Ringmaster® which will result in the same weight total at 47 ounces I am using today.

I am thrilled with the ability to wear 3.25 inches of ball weights hidden inside the underwear frontal package. Not only is this comfortable and easy to adjust to, the bulge of the weights is hidden well. This method is detailed in the "What and How to Wear" chapter. The Ball Glove or Barrier Bag is recommended to supply lubrication at the point the sack touches the bottom weight. Without lubrication, each time the sack adjusts through normal cycles of contraction and relaxation, one place or another on the skin sticks to the metal of the weights and this causes mild stretching pinches and pulls. At 47 ounces of permanent weights, I do not have to adjust weights before work or after work. I recommend finding a comfortable set of permanent weights to everyone so that stretching can continue 24/7 unhindered.

I use Secretleather's Sheacoa butter formula as an excellent lubricant and way to relax the scrotal sack. I also use Palmer's® Shea Butter Formula lotion in the convenient pump bottle. I simply insert the pump nozzle CAREFULLY so I don't tear the delicate skin and pump 1½ pumps on the top side of the largest weight and 1 pump on the bottom side of the largest weight. I give a mild pump under the WMC® weights. After all have had some shea lotion under them, I hold my sack straight forward and give all the weights with a spin several times to distribute the lotion. I apply lotion once after the shower and once before bed. I am also currently experimenting with a "Ball Glove©" and "Barrier Bag©" which will keep the skin surrounding the testicles inside a sheath, keeping the sack moist and bathes it in shea lotion all day. I am having good results and will publish soon as I write. I love the results my hang is experiencing using this method.

This has been an encouraging year for us, with Secretleather, Rantallion and this web guide working together to bring the best information the fastest. Rantallion has gained numerous new members and we're gaining new "chat friend" members each week. Secretleather has announced it's new 30mm deep WMC®, an ideal weight for men who are conditioned to stretching and have at least 2 inches of scrotal hang between the testicles and groin. If the sack can easily stretch to this length, this is also an ideal weight.

I am grateful that we three organizations have the common goal of helping as many men as possible attain the genital package of their dreams. We're not in the business for profit, we're here to freely publish as much information on our art as possible. My goal is for low hangers on every man, and I want everyone trying to succeed!! We also encourage the use of top quality stretchers and ball weights for a hassle-free comfortable experience. We want results, and you will get results!!

I am especially grateful to Dave Smith for hosting this constantly evolving web guide. Keeping up with the latest information is now easier since we have added the "What's New" paragraph linked to the actual text. Now, getting new information is much easier. Finally I'm thankful for so many of you who have taken time to keep in contact with me in email. Many of you regularly send "Progress Reports" to me with photos, and I am very encouraged for you all. I'm mostly happy that you have taken the time to read this web guide. Please let me know if further information is needed. note - (regrettably Jarod is no longer able to respond to individual emails).

Best wishes to all,