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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Lotions that Promote the Stretching of the Scrotum

In general, any lotion or crème that is designed to prevent or diminish stretch marks is an excellent choice for use in ball stretching. Many are sold to the pregnant women market for the prevention of stretch marks from the growing fetus inside the womb.

There are two main types of lotions and crèmes that work the best in ball stretching. They are cocoa butter and shea butter. Cocoa butter and shea butter are manufactured in the United States by E. T. Browne Drug Company and in the United Kingdom by E.T. Browne Ltd. They are marketed under the brand name "Palmer's". Cocoa butter lotions such as Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula work well as a lubricant between the skin and the leather stretcher or metal ball weight. Palmer's Shea Butter Formula is marketed as a product that improves skin elasticity. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula (3.5 - 4.4 ounce jar) is actually a pure form of cocoa butter. Pure cocoa butter is a solid at room temperature. When applied to the scrotum, the butter quickly melts and is absorbed into the skin. This is the purest form of cocoa butter available and is the best moisturizer.

Only one lotion has been developed exclusively for ball stretching. Secret Leather's Sheacoa butter is a triple combination of crushed shea beans for elasticity, cocoa beans for lubrication, and shea oil for elasticity and base. This lotion is quickly absorbed into the skin and remains moist providing a day's worth of lubrication in only one morning application. This butter lotion is especially helpful for those with sensitive or inelastic skin.

Before putting on a weight or stretcher, always massage shea butter in the entire length of the scrotum. Shea butter helps skin become elastic and will promote the stretching of the skin, speeding up the ball stretching process. Apply the shea butter in the morning after the bath or shower before work. Hot shower water sprayed directly to the scrotum can dry out the skin and it will begin to flake apart. The shea butter will provide needed moisturization of the skin and aid in healing, pressure point prevention, and preventing the weight from sticking to the skin. Probably the most critical element in stretching the scrotum is skin abrasion and discomfort. Generally speaking, the weight or stretch applied to the scrotum causes little difficulty, but lengthy use of steel or leather stretchers causes rubbing on the skin and will cause the avid ball stretcher to have to stop and allow healing to take place. To this end care of the skin on the scrotum is very important. As previously mentioned, adequate lubrication between any weight or leather stretcher is highly recommended by the author. Reserve the use of cocoa butter for occasional lubrication as necessary and the healing of skin from loss of moisture and chaffing from the weight or leather stretcher.

The use of both shea and cocoa butter lotions are important. The general rule is to use shea butter lotion where possible and as much as possible to promote the elasticity of the skin. Cocoa butter is more effective as a lubricant and moisturizer and stays moist all day long under a steel weight or leather stretcher but does not seem to have much benefit in skin elasticity. The use of both lotions together will give the user the best of both worlds. These lotions should also be applied to the penis (as the bottom side of the penis gets stretched as well as the scrotum) and to the area around the base of the formation of the scrotum since these areas are also stretched along with the scrotum.

For those who live in very humid areas, the constant wear of a water based lotion with the combination of heat and humidity may cause trouble with very mild fungal infections. If this is the case, dry off the weights or leather stretcher completely. Instead of using a wet lotion for lubrication, use a dry powder instead. Very good results have been had using Gold Bond's Triple X anti-fungal and anti-bacterial powder. The dry powder lubricates as well as prevents infections.