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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Ball Stretching Side Effects

It is clearly obvious that any kind of rough treatment or sudden yanking of the ball stretcher or ball weights can cause internal damage to the testicles and other structures. Care, caution, and gentle handling of the testicles, weights, and leather stretchers are an absolute MUST. Our male equipment is very fragile, and putting it under stress in the process of ball stretching can make even the smallest bump to the testicles very painful.

When wearing leather stretchers and/or ball weights, they pull the skin on the scrotum downward and the penile skin is pulled upwards in an effort to take up the slack. The fold line where the base of the penis and the formation of the scrotum come together tends to act as a pulley, reversing the direction of pull from downward on the scrotal sack to upward on the bottom side of the penis. Sometimes, the bottom side of the penile shaft skin may become sore from this stretch or the partial or full retraction of the foreskin can sometimes happen. After about 8 weeks of stretching with exercise 6 this will start to diminish as the stretch length begins to increase on the scrotum.

As the scrotum is stretched, the hair follicles on the scrotum tend to leave a "trail" in the skin, leaving a small groove the size of the hair follicle as it gets stretched further and further. These are most noticeable on the sides of the scrotum, but they occur all over the scrotum as it is stretched. Perhaps the best way to combat these hair follicle trails is to use cocoa butter daily on the scrotum. The cocoa butter also diminishes stretch marks which can be unattractive, although the author has never seen a stretch mark on a scrotum. Many stretchers shave their scrotum (some even pluck!). Their objective is to remove the complications of trapped hair, but many also like the clean look and the soft feel. Care must be taken to watch out for the possibility of ingrown hair if you shave your scrotum and wear ball stretchers/ball weights, as the re-growing hair can be obstructed and get pushed inward as it grows. If this occurs an inflamed blister usually appears and the ingrowing hair is trapped within. Sterilize a needle and puncture the blister thus releasing the hair. Remove the hair by plucking with tweezers and clean the puncture with antiseptic. This is usually a rare problem, but easily remedied if attended to quickly. Shaving is best done in the bath or hot shower using a delicate unperfumed shaving gel and using a good unperfumed moisturizer afterward drying off the skin.

On rare occasions, inflamed pores or stuck ingrown hairs may appear under the positions the WMC™ or New Ringmaster™ when 24/7 wear is employed. In this case, allow one week of recovery time for these skin pores. Do not wear weights during this time, but rather allow the scrotal sack to hang naturally without the addition of lotions or butters to the sack. These lotions or butters can clog the pores and make recovery time longer.

Since the scrotal skin is constantly bathed in either shea or cocoa butter lotion, sometimes the skin pores may clog up and infect the skin pore with bacteria. This causes a small but sharp pain when the skin pore is touched or pulled. When this happens, try to squeeze out any accumulated dead white blood cells (the body's natural defense) which form a type of puss. Then apply some antibiotic ointment or rubbing alcohol to the infected pore. Postpone any further stretching for a day or two and allow the skin pore to heal. Any weights or wedding rings should also be removed to allow the entire scrotal sack to "breathe" while refraining from the application of any more cocoa or shea butter lotions until healing is complete.

Because the scrotal skin becomes very soft and sensitive from the application of shea butter, it becomes very delicate. Any poke, scratch, or pressure from long fingernails will puncture the skin and cause it to bleed. Be very cautious if using a pump nozzle to inject shea butter under the weights. Any pressure from the nozzle tip can tear the skin. Also, use caution when handing the scrotal hang if the fingernails are longer than the tip of the finger since a firm hold with long fingernails will also puncture the skin and cause it to bleed. It is possible to wear the weights even if there is a small puncture and bleeding of the skin, however a small amount of blood mixed with the shea butter lotion becomes somewhat of a mess. When this happens, simply remove the weights and allow the skin to heal for one day. If stretching exercises are done, short trimmed fingernails are essential.

There have been a few questions regarding longer term ball stretching and lower sperm counts. The author does not know of any data regarding this; however a few examinations of his own semen under the microscope confirmed the presence of sperm. IF there is concern about infertility or lower sperm counts and you plan on having children in the future, the author recommends you have a discussion regarding ball stretching and fertility with a doctor. When anyone gets a definite answer, please email the author so that this information can then be shared. If anyone gets the chance, please ask the question regarding ball stretching and fertility. The author welcomes these answers.

One reader has expressed a small loss of actual testicle sensitivity. Some men find that they can derive sexual energy and satisfaction for long periods of time by massaging one or both testicles directly through the loose relaxed scrotal sack. The author has had many experiences with this in his teens, where much satisfaction was derived by massaging the left testicle. What causes loss of sensitivity? The best answer is that a nerve gets pinched or pulled too tightly. Pinched nerves can cause loss of sensation or tingling sensations, as well as numbness. Nerves can grow up to 6.35 mm each week (1 inch every 4 weeks), so after 8-10 weeks things may return to normal. If anyone is experimenting with testicle direct stimulation methods and a loss of sensitivity is noticed as ball-stretching is continued, please email the author because he is gathering data on these issues.