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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Wear and Care of Leather Stretchers and Metal Weights.

Wearing: Wearing leather stretchers or metal weights is fun, easy, and beneficial all in one package. In the author's experience, a maximum of three inches of metal weights or leather stretcher can be hidden in the crotch area under casual or dress attire. In general, there are a few guidelines that apply to both leather stretchers and ball weights. They are as follows:

1. Always use a lubricant. Although any type of lotion can provide lubrication for leather stretchers and metal weights, lotions or butters that contain shea butter are the best. Shea butter promotes skin elasticity which in turn promotes skin stretch and cellular multiplication. A lotion that contains shea butter such as Palmer's Shea Butter Formula lotion or Secret Leather's homemade SheaCoa butter are recommended. If the scrotal sack is accustomed to having a shea lotion/butter applied daily and the daily application of the lotion/butter is suddenly disrupted, the scrotal sack will revolt by drying out and begin flaking off dry patches of skin.

Always be wise when shopping for leather stretchers. The market is flooded with cheap knock-offs of quality leather stretcher brands. If you pay around $25 for a leather stretcher, it's probably not going to be the best quality. The leather imitation is based in polyurethane and is not something anyone would want long time exposure to. The $40 and higher price ranges are genuine leather and will work for your leather pleasures.

The reason this is brought up here is that the cheap leather stretchers will simply get soggy and fall apart when lubrication is added to them as is recommended in this article. So, buying a quality stretcher from a major source is definitely recommended.

  • A. Leather Stretchers: Before applying a leather stretcher to the sack hang, generously apply lubricant to the inside surface of the leather stretcher. Hold the leather stretcher with the inside surface exposed and liberally apply the lubricant. For best results, a liquid lotion lubricant works best for this style of application. Apply the liquid lotion lubricant as if you were adding catsup to a hot dog: "the more the better!" A solid butter can also be generously applied to the bare scrotal sack surface (not the inside leather stretcher surface) accomplishing the same goal for lubrication.
  • B. Metal Weights: For best results, apply lubrication to metal weights after they have been attached to the scrotal hang. This will prevent the weight from becoming too slippery when trying to put them on. For step-by-step instructions on how to apply a metal weight to the scrotal hang, see this page: "How to put on a Split Collar".
  • After the weight has been applied to the scrotal hang, lubrication can now be applied to the scrotal sack. Always apply lubrication to the underside top and bottom sides of long weights and in the underside center of short weights on the scrotal hang. For applying lotion/butter to the top side of the weight, hold the weight down with one hand and apply the lubrication to the underside of the weight next to the exposed scrotal skin with the other hand and fingers. For applying lotion/butter to the bottom side of the weight, pull the weight up and apply the lubrication to the exposed scrotal skin with the other hand and fingers. Always massage the lotion/butter completely around the exposed scrotal skin: both back and front sides. Repeat the application of lubrication to the top and bottom sides for each additional longer weight on the scrotal hang. Hold each weight down and apply lubrication to the top half, hold each weight up and apply lubrication to the bottom half. If the weight is shorter, only one application of lubricant is necessary from either the top or bottom. For best results, apply a shea butter lubricant two or three times a day (in the morning before work, in the afternoon after work, in the evening before sleep). When using Secret Leather's SheaCoa butter, one morning application will usually last the entire day.
  • The fastest application of lubrication is accomplished by using a pump style bottle with liquid shea lotion. Position the pump nozzle between the scrotal skin and inside surface of the weight and pump one squirt of lotion. Repeat the pump and squirt of lotion on each additional weight on the scrotal hang. After all weights have had their pump of lotion, liberally massage shea lotion into the exposed scrotal sack surrounding the testicles; massage 45 or so seconds to ensure quick penetration of the shea lotion into the skin. This skin is exposed to the inside surface of undergarments and other clothing so the lotion immediately rubs off unless it is allowed to penetrate the skin before clothing is reapplied. Apply a short bead of shea lotion along the surface where the weight and scrotal skin begin contact and massage around the entire circumference of the weight/scrotal hang border. This area is especially vulnerable when wearing weights since it holds the most weight pressure on its surface. Pull and hold the scrotal hang straight forward with one hand grasping the scrotal hang around the top of the testicles with the thumb and forefinger. As the sack and hang are extended forward with one hand, spin the weights on the scrotal hang with the other hand several times over on each weight to distribute the pumped lotion completely around the scrotal hang surface beneath each weight.

2. Be aware of any pain while wearing leather stretchers or metal weights. As mentioned before in the chapter regarding "Pain", pain is the first signal that something is wrong. If pain is felt, examine the scrotal sack for color changes or temperature changes. If the sack blood vessels are turning dark blue or purple or the scrotal surface has a cool/cold temperature, the circulation is cut off and the leather stretcher or weight should be readjusted. Please note that after "permanent" weight, which have been worn an extended period of time, have been removed there may be a return of a dull lingering ache in one or both of the spermatic cords. This is normal and will diminish over a day or two if the weights are not reapplied. Please re-read the section regarding "Pain" to be certain all signals and signs are familiar.

3. The wear order of leather stretchers and metal weights is important. If more than one leather stretcher is used, apply the stretcher with the largest inside diameter on the bottom right above the testicles then apply the stretcher with the smaller inside diameter on the top next to the groin. If three stretchers are worn, the same logic still applied: largest inside diameter on the bottom and smallest on the top.

Smaller inside diameter stretcher
(Optional next larger sized inside diameter)
Largest inside diameter stretcher
(Ponytailers may be added here for extra length, but they may telescope inside the stretcher above)

4. Metal weights use different criteria in their order of placement on the scrotal hang. In general, a WMC™ weight should be placed on the bottom right above the testicles. If more than one WMC™ weight is used on the bottom side (one should already be used on the top side for a total of 3-two on bottom one top), the weight with the largest inside diameter should be used on the bottom above the testicles and the second WMC™ weight with the smaller inside diameter should be placed above. This creates a synergistic "funnel" effect going from the larger inside diameter to a smaller inside diameter. The author recommends that those of us who have a larger WMC™ they cannot use, it can be used here at the bottom of the weight stack with the smaller sized WMC™ above it. The author uses a 39mm and a 36mm WMC™ at the bottom of the weight chain. If additional weights are used, the heaviest (longest) weight should be placed next on the scrotal hang. Continue placing weights on the scrotal hang in order from heaviest (longest) to the lightest (shortest) at the top. Another WMC™ weight should be placed at the highest top-most position, right next to the groin.

To reiterate, if only one WMC™ weight is owned, always place it on the bottom right above the testicles. If two same sized WMC™ weights are used, place one right above the testicles and one right below the groin: bottom-most and top-most positions. If three WMC™ weights are used, place two on the bottom (largest inside diameter right above the testicles for the "funnel" effect) and one at the top. Non-WMC™ weights should be placed in between the WMC™ weights. If only non-WMC™ weights are used (standard weight, New Ringmaster™, etc…) place the heaviest (longest) weight at the bottom and arrange other weights in decreasing order (according to weight) along the scrotal hang.

WMC at top next to groin (if available)
Non-WMC weight- shortest and lightest
Additional non-WMC weight, next heavier and longer
Additional non-WMC weight, next heavier and longer
(Keep adding additional weights getting larger one at a time) Secondary WMC - smaller inside diameter (if available)
Primary WMC - larger inside diameter (fill this WMC position first) (Additional ponytailers may be added for temporary extra length)

The reason for this ordering is comfort. The shorter and lighter weights, when added together, act like the vertebrae in the spine- they can bend at the "joint" making it much more comfortable to wear under clothing and for daily activities. Bending takes place up high on the weight chain, so having the shortest weights to act as the "vertebrae of a spine" works very well. After an extended wear period with permanent weights, a "wear ring" will appear on the scrotal sack as a red ring. This is the place where the WMC weight distributes the weight of the split collars onto the scrotal sack. There is no need for worry or concern regarding this red ring. Given two days of healing without wearing the weights, the ring will completely disappear. Please note that it will take two days of healing time so any view of the naked scrotal sack during that time will show the red ring. Prepare two days ahead of time by removing permanent weights two days ahead of time if you do not wish to display the red ring. This photo illustrates this mild red ring around the scrotal sack. Notice the picture on the right side, taken 24 hours later. The red ring has completely gone.

Please note however, that with some, it may take more than 24 hours for the red ring to disappear. Some skin types are less elastic than others, which makes them more sensitive and red ring/tenderness can take 3 or more days to go completely. Those with this skin type are also likely to find the actual scrotal skin stretching a slower and more finite process. Whatever your skin type, a good moisturizing and lubricating regime is enormously beneficial in minimizing the red ring/discomfort and assisting the repair when it occurs. Shea butter is excellent in this regard and Secretleather's SheaCoa combines moisturization and lubrication in one product.

5. If both leather stretchers and metal weights are used, place the metal weight above the testicles first, and then place the leather stretcher above. If available, a WMC™ weight should be used above the testicles and below the groin and in that order. If desired, ponytailers can be added below the bottom weight for a temporary length increase for added stretching tension.

(Top- always use a WMC weight [if available])
Shortest (or only) leather stretcher
(Longer leather stretcher [if available])
(Shortest non-WMC weight [if available])
(Longer non-WMC weight [if available])
Bottom- always a metal weight (WMC weight if available) (Additional ponytailers may be added for temporary extra length)

Caring: Caring for leather stretchers and metal weights is easy since there is very low maintenance and minimal cleaning.

1. Leather Stretchers: There is no maintenance on leather stretchers, only mildly disinfecting the inside surface of the stretcher. Since the inside surface of the leather stretcher is exposed to the moisture from lubrications every day, the inside surface of the stretcher can become wet and soggy. If this happens, wipe the inside surface with a damp cloth to remove dried-on old lotion. Then, let the leather stretcher air dry in an open position for 6-8 hours. A fan can be directed at the stretcher and air drying will be only 1-2 hours. Since the leather material has an organic origin, the leather material can begin the decomposition process if it stays moist for too long. When this happens, a distinct odor will be present on the inside surface of the leather stretcher. In this case, apply a mildly diluted solution of Lysol disinfectant to the inside surface of the stretcher. Allow the moisture from the disinfectant to evaporate over the next hour. Next, wipe the inside surface of the leather stretcher with a damp cloth to remove the disinfectant particulates and allow to dry another 1-2 hours. After this infrequent process, the stretcher is again ready to be used. Disinfection of leather stretchers is infrequent, only every few months, depending on usage and need. If skin pore infections begin to pop up, this is a signal that the stretcher needs to be disinfected.

2. Metal Weights: Use care and caution with metal weights---because they are so expensive. When removing a metal weight from the scrotal hang, examine it carefully looking for signs of oxidation (rusting) from the application of water-based lubricants and scrotal sweat. The cheaper weights may rust through if they are stainless steel, or a green color may appear on the inside leg or scrotal hang which means the copper in the brass core has become exposed. At this point, the brass-core weight is useless and should be thrown away. For more information, visit the "Metal Weights" chapter of this article. Secret Leather weights are guaranteed not to rust and they are the highest quality source available for the metal weights.

Polish away any spots of rust (of present), old accumulated chunks of dry lotion or blemishes with a dry cloth. Be sure to examine the inside surfaces where the two halves of the collar touch and come together since the millwork in these areas is sometimes poor and iron may be present. In fact, if there is going to be rust on a metal weight, it most likely will be found where these two surfaces join together when applied to the scrotal hang. There also tends to be significant buildup of old lotion in this area where the halves come together. If they don't come off by wiping it, the weight can be soaked in water and that will make old lotion deposits soft and removable. Secondly, examine the inside surface were the inside of the weight touches the scrotal skin. There may be tiny specs of rust, so small they may be invisible. To be sure these specs of rust are removed at each cleaning, polish the inside and outside surfaces of the metal weight with a dry cloth. Any signs of rust or blemish will be removed. If the chrome-like polish of the surfaces of the ball weight becomes dull, a chrome polish may be used. They are available at hardware stores and Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealerships across the United States. Before wearing a metal weight after polishing, be sure to remove all unused polish left on the weight surface before wearing since chrome polish is not healthy when exposed to the sensitive scrotal surface.

When applying a metal weight, be sure NOT to tighten the screw very tight. Remember that a tight application always means a tighter removal of the screw-- as well as added wear to the inside and outside grooves on the screw and inside screw hole. At removal, a wrench's hold on a tight screw may suddenly release and an unpleasant smack in the testicles is always the result. Tighten the screw only until it feels snug; that is as tight as it should be secured. Also remember to tighten slowly so that you have a very early warning if any skin is stuck between the two halves of the split collar.

When inserting the screw into the screw hole, be certain the two halves of the metal weight are aligned so that the screw can be installed straight into the hole. If the sides are not aligned together, the screw may be at an angle inside the hole. Then, when tightened, the screw will become worn and stripped which ruins the screw and perhaps the inside threads on the weight. A screw should never be tight until the two halves of the weight are completely tight together. A screw should never turn hard; if this happens, do not force the screw tighter. Rather, remove the screw and inspect for stripped threads which may indicate further thread damage inside the weight's screw hole. Essentially, the weight is ruined if the threads become stripped on the inside screw hole. Always be careful when installing the screw into the hole, be certain everything is aligned together before tightening the screw. Replacement screws for WMC™ and Ringmaster™ weights are available from Secret Leather. Replacement screws are not available if the weight was purchased elsewhere.

Some men may wear metal weights that they consider 'permanent'. The author himself wears three WMC™ weights and one 1.125 inch New Ringmaster™ weight that he considers to be permanently mounted. Even these 'permanently' mounted weights should be periodically taken off, polished, have rust spots removed and disinfected. Periodic disinfecting of all metal weights should be done using a mildly diluted Lysol disinfectant solution. Always wipe off any disinfecting solution or particulates before wear. If infected scrotal skin pores begin happening on the scrotal hang more and more frequently, this is a signal that the weights need to be removed, polished, rust removed (if present), and disinfected as well as refraining from wearing any weight or leather stretcher for 24-36 hours or until the pores begin healing (see "Ball Stretching Side Effects" next for more information).