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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Points of Interest while Stretching at Home

Get used to sitting in such a way so that the ball stretcher or weight can hang down one of the pant legs; most guys hang down the left leg. It has been said that 80% of men have a lower hanging left testicle, and the left testicle is also larger than the right testicle. Hanging the stretcher down one leg is useful if the user is wearing the stretcher or weight while at work at the office. By letting the leather stretcher and weight hang down one leg under dress pants the stretch continues to happen throughout the office day. If shorts are worn and the atmosphere is casual you may let the stretcher and weight hang out one of the legs. This allows gravity to work on the metal stretcher and keep the stretch going. Nothing seems to be more bothersome that wearing a leather stretcher and the surrounding pant material is tight. This causes not only irritation but also pressure points around the base of the stretcher. By letting the leather stretcher and testicles hang out while wearing shorts, the stretch can continue unhindered.

For those with a longer hang, the author has developed a way of sitting and fully stretching simultaneously. This photograph demonstrates the sitting position. This sitting technique works naked as well as while wearing loose fitting athletic pants or loose summer shorts. First, stand in front of the place you will sit and let the testicles and weight hang fully down one pant leg. Next, while standing, place one foot on the place to sit. Next, sit almost directly on the foot in such a way so that the heel of the foot is again the opposite hit joint. This will make the knee fully bent and the upper and lower legs will fold next to each other. As the sitting action is taking place, position the hanging testicles and weight so that the weight edge gets held in place by the low shin right above the ankle. As the sitting action is finished, the weight and testicles will be held back and held in place by the shin above the ankle and provides a strong stretch for as long as the user is seated.

When possible, sit on a hard chair with a firm front or a slight cushion such as a leather office chair. Sit on the bony part of the butt and let the stretcher and weight fall down the side of one of the pant legs. If wearing shorts, let the weight hang out past the hem of the shorts. Cross your legs at the knee and let your testicles hang to really get a good hang. If possible, reach down and pull the testicles away from the body to do some manual stretching exercises.

Sometimes it is helpful to wear a sock on the scrotum with weights or stretchers. First, a medium thickness sock worn over the entire scrotum, weights and leather stretcher can be used to help insulate and keep the scrotum and testicles warm during the cold winter seasons. Sometimes this helps to keep the scrotum skin somewhat loose and flexible thus more available to the effects of the weights and stretcher. A thin sock, worn on the naked scrotum and having weights or a stretcher placed upon the sock can help protect the delicate scrotal skin when having difficulty with pressure point pain. A thicker sock can be used, but thicker socks tend to show more as a larger bulge in the crotch area, which can be undesirable.

Sitting on toilet made in the United States can be frustrating with low hanging testicles. The best way to avoid dipping the testicles in the toilet water is to half-flush the toilet. This is when the flush handle is held only slightly down, until the flow of water is heard. Don't push it all the way down because the tank and toilet bowl will refill again to full capacity. Half flushing lets in just enough water into the toilet bowl to drain the bowl to the top of the escape hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl. After the half-flush, sit on the toilet and let the testicles hang. They may still come in contact with the front of the toilet bowl. If this happens, sliding back on the toilet seat a couple inches will stop the testicles from touching the front of the toilet bowl. Many times, contact with water or the front of the toilet bowl will cause the scrotum to suddenly tighten up, an unwanted effect. For men with scrotal hangs too long for the half flush to be practical, the testicles and weights can simply be brought forward and hung over the front of the toilet seat. These two photos illustrate this example from the top and front views.

For those of us who find it awkward or unnatural resting the testicles and weights forward on the toilet-seat-- making it difficult to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, the author suggests two methods. These two ideas will also work very well for those who have scrotal sack skin touching toilet walls and water, but are not quite long enough to reach the front of the toilet seat. Finally, these ideas are ideal for those of us who work in a public place, where governmental codes require the front of the toilet seat removed. In the USA, public toilet seats must have the fronts of the seats removed so that they are a U shape and not an oval. The reasoning is that this diminishes possibilities of genital contact with the seat and spreading disease.

The solutions are really two in the same, with different materials. One simple idea is to cut the top of a plastic beverage container and wear the plastic sleeve over the testicles and weight hang. There are many different sized beverage containers available, so select a container with an inside diameter equal to the outside diameter of the weights and testicles. This is simply a matter of trial and error. The plastic containers are very inexpensive and plentiful, so enjoy the process as you select the perfectly sized plastic bottle diameter. Making the ideal length is also a matter of trial and error. Start by making the plastic sleeve 6 inches long. Insert the scrotal hang and sit down on the toilet. Position the end of the bottle against the front of the toilet resting the bottle's flat bottom flat against the front of the toilet wall. The penis will hang to the sides or over the front. Note that resting the bottle so that the bottom is in contact with the water may contaminate the bottom side of the bottle and it must be thrown away or sterilized with alcohol. Find the ideal length so that resting the bottom of the bottle against the front of the toilet wall feels the most comfortable. Cut the bottle to the required length. Note that the edge of the cut plastic sleeve is sharp. Use masking tape and place half of the masking tape (lengthwise) on the edge of the cut and let the other half stick out over the edge. Roll around the top of the plastic sleeve as many times as it takes to get a thickening of the tape. Then fold the tape over the edge of the cut bottle and stick it to the inside of the sleeve. This will serve as cut protection from the sharp edge. This solution works for those with a WMC ID of 34mm or less using a 20oz plastic bottle, as is the author's result using this size. In a similar way, the 1 liter sized bottles will fit a 36mm, 39mm or 40mm WMC. After use, clean the plastic sleeve with a disinfecting wipe.

The second solution is the fun construction of a "Ball Boat". This is the use of a plastic drinking glass or larger loose fitting plastic bottle. This method works equally as well as the friction-held plastic bottle, but is more comfortable because it does not require friction between the plastic sleeve walls and the scrotal hang to hold it on. If the plastic sleeve is too loose, it will fall off into the toilet water. This method is also very fast and does not require the time it takes to stuff the hang into the plastic sleeve. Using a plastic cup works very well for those with large testicles and large diameter weights.

The construction of the Ball Boat is simple. First, measure and cut the length of a plastic drinking glass to a length that feels most comfortable. The glass bottom will sit flat against the front wall in the toilet bowl. This will prevent it from slipping and having the end of the glass touch toilet water and become contaminated. After the ideal comfortable length has been determined, measure and cut the plastic glass to the required length. Using masking tape, apply it in the same manner as the plastic sleeve method above. Fold the thick roll of tape over and attach inside covering the edge of the plastic glass, preventing injury to the scrotal sack. Using the tip of the scissors, puncture two holes one inch apart ½ inches from the top of the plastic glass. On the other side of the glass, puncture two more holes in the same manner. Using a piece of elastic strap 18 inches long and ½ inches wide, thread the ends of the elastic in a square pattern around the top and tie in a double knot at the end. Be sure to allow some slack to exist within the plastic glass since these will surround the scrotal sack in a double "X" pattern. Your Ball Boat is now finished and ready for testing. To wear the ball boat, pull the right elastic band 90 degrees left and hold. Pull the left elastic band 90 degrees right and hold. Slide the scrotal sack into the glass through the center of this double "X" pattern and release.

The author has also constructed a Ball Boat using a plastic sleeve from a one liter plastic bottle, trimmed and protective taped at 6 inches long with elastic straps holding it on the sack. It is constructed in the same manner as the previous Ball Boat with respect to the installation of the elastic strap. This size easily fits a 36mm, 39mm and 40mm WMC.

For those who have a completely round toilet bowl or the various styles of toilets existing world wide, experimentation on bottle/cup length and placement is required. Finally, there is a natural feeling again to sitting on the toilet with low hangers!

The following is a photo plate of the various sized Ball Boats. The author is wearing a black thin dress sock on the scrotal hang for warmth during this cold December day. The author was able to stuff himself into a 20 oz. plastic sleeve with difficulty, but was much more comfortable in the 1 liter plastic sleeve instead. Click HERE to view the photo plate.

Masturbation or sex with a ball stretcher or ball weights will not damage the spermatic cords or other internal structures in the scrotum. While it is natural for the testicles to be pulled up higher in the scrotum during masturbation or sex, the pressure holding the testicles at the bottom of the scrotum will not cause any damage. The practice of holding or pulling down on the testicles before and at orgasm seems to intensify the orgasm. Click here to view a video of a guy putting on WMC ® weights and masturbating to ejaculation. It is interesting to note the amount of ejaculate produced at orgasm.

From time to time, taking a day or two off from wearing weights or a leather stretcher is helpful. This allows any soreness that may have developed to heal, as well as a general healing of any slight damage that may have occurred to the testicles or the spermatic cord. Also, taking time off from stretching allows for the evaluation of progress without wearing any stretching mechanism.

Getting good nutrition is important in ball stretching. The goal is to add additional skin to the scrotum and lengthen the internal structures contained in the scrotum. This means the creation of new skin and connective tissues. Building new tissue requires protein, and LOTS of protein. Foods high in protein should be consumed. This includes lots of skim milk, eggs and peanut butter in addition to low fat meats. Other foods high in protein should be researched on the web. Vitamins and minerals are also important, and taking a multivitamin should be made a routine after breakfast. Breakfast cereals high in vitamins and iron as well as protein should be consumed as well.

For those who live in colder climates, one reader has helpfully suggested wearing hand warmers next to the sack if worn in supportive underwear. Hand warmers can also be added next to the sack when the hang is loose by putting the hand warmers inside a thin sock and wearing the sock around the hang. The thin sock does not add to the overall bulge of the package and the hand warmer is where it needs to be - at the bottom of the scrotal sack. Although the author has never tried this warming method, he sees a lot of help in it for those who suffer from tight sacks in the colder climates. What are these hand warmers? They are the reusable hand warming devices that can be pre-heated and then worn for long periods of time while the warmer releases the heat that was stored. There are also single use exothermic-based chemical reaction warmers that many hunters use while hunting in sub-freezing temperatures. These types are available at sporting goods and hunting supply websites and stores. Snap™ Instant Heater reusable hand warmers are ideal for this application.

Both the WMC™ and New Ringmaster™ weights have a spare bolt/key available. The two weights use the same sized bolts and keys. The author highly recommends the purchase of an extra wrench key and bolt. Many times, the bolt is dropped on the floor and cannot be found, or the key may become lost and then the weight cannot be removed. In either case, the loss of the bolt and/or key will make the weight unusable. There is no greater fury than losing a bolt in the carpeting, making the weight useless until the bolt is found again. At less than $3 each, this is an affordable insurance policy for everyone!

The author has developed a sneaky but quick way of lifting the testicles up before sitting down, such as into a car, into a chair, into a sofa onto a bench, etc. Gently put one hand on the opposite leg and inner thigh, then quickly push the hand so the palm covers the crotch. With the middle 3 fingers, press hard toward the leg and lift upwards at the same time to keep the testicles and weights held up so they do not fall to the back of the leg when sitting down. This is quite effective, and should be adopted by those with large testicles or those wearing ball weights.

When applying the weights to the scrotal sack, it works best to put shea butter on the scrotal hang AFTER the weights are secured on the scrotal hang. Shea butter and the polished surface of the weights will make the weights very difficult to hold onto when trying to apply the weights with shea butter. Instead, put on the weights and then use a shea butter pump nozzle or the bare fingers (in the case of solid shea butter) to apply shea lotion/butter underneath each weight. After the shea has been applied, hold the entire stretch in a horizontal position and spin the weights around the hang to distribute the shea lotion/butter entirely around the scrotal hang.

Those of us with long scrotal hangs know that it can bounce and swing as it hangs freely down one of the pant legs. The swinging movement of the scrotal hang makes the crotch and leg areas more noticeable to others. Eliminating the excessive movements of the scrotal hang while out in public may be of interest to those who wish to remain "under cover". This can be remedied by simply wearing a Hang Strap. This strap is a long piece of elastic stretching material. For best results, use an elastic band that is at least 1 - 2 inches thick. Most craft stores sell packages of pre-cut elastic banding at 2 inches wide by 36 inches length. This elastic banding makes a perfect Hang Strap.

Here is how to make the updated Hang Strap: Wearing underwear, pull the scrotal hang through the front underwear flap and allow the sack to hang over the underwear down one leg. Keep the penis inside the underwear, this will help stretch the penoscrotal skin web. Put on a thin dress sock over the sack and weights and secure it at the top of the sack. Make sure the weights are generously greased in shea butter. Wrap the elastic band around the mid upper leg and sack hang. Pull to your own tightness preference and use a safety-pin to hold the banding in place. With the extra length of banding, pull it upwards and secure with a safety-pin on the underwear waist band. This will keep the Hang Strap from sliding down the leg and falling off. The sack hang is held in perfect position, with the help of the thin sock covering it. The Hang Strap prevents horizontal swinging motion, however vertical bounce motion is still preserved. The gentle tug of the weights with each step is still felt and very much enjoyed while shopping. The gentle hug of the Hang Strap eliminates swinging motion. Please note that a new photo of the hang strap will be coming soon in the next update.