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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Ball Stretching using Manual Stretching


Daily manual stretching should be added to the shower and bath routine. Do these exercises in the shower or bath, where the hot water can help keep the scrotum totally relaxed. Stretching only relaxed skin is important since one does not have to fight against the contraction of tight skin. Stretching tight skin can suddenly become painful, like a hot burn and takes a while to subside. In some cases, a slightly tight scrotum is OK for stretching because the exercises will stretch it out to full length. Holding the stretched skin under the hot water in the shower or bath is a good way to keep the skin loose, relaxed, and flexible.

Since there are several exercises, they can be done after the shower or bath is finished for as long as the skin stays loose and flexible. Usually, the scrotum stays loose and flexible a short duration after the bath or shower is finished in colder climates. In warmer climates, this may not be an issue. These exercises may be done while seated on the edge of a hard chair with the testicles hanging loose and straight down over the edge of the chair as long as the scrotum is loose and flexible. It takes only a few minutes to get through all the exercises with one or two repetitions of each. Exercises 3 and 6 are the most important and work best in the shower or bath. The other exercises can be done out of the shower as long as the scrotum is hanging loose and at or close to its full length. Before doing any manual stretching exercises, the best results are achieved by washing the hands and scrotum with a mild soap such as Ivory soap. This greatly improves the grip the fingertips have on the scrotum and can allow for longer stretches with higher tensions applied. It also helps to keep the fingernails trimmed down very short, so that the finger nails do not dig into the scrotum skin when stretching.

The use of a long series of ponytailers, leather stretchers, or metal weights pulls downwards on the scrotal sack and provides this pull over numerous hours while they are being worn. In short, their downward tension elongates the scrotal sack providing a constant vertical stretch while being worn. These stretching exercises are important because they provide horizontal stretching of the scrotal sack. Horizontal stretching helps the sack to have a "thicker" and more "meaty" appearance rather than just a long skinny scrotal elongation from the vertical stretch provided by the hardware worn and used. Exercises 2, 3, and 7 provide this extra dimension of horizontal stretching.

One repetition of each exercise is sufficient as long as they are done every day. More repetitions will result in faster results, but they are entirely optional. Also, you may select and do only those exercises which you feel are most relevant to your situation. Again, make them a normal part of the bath/shower routine. After several months, their benefit will become apparent. .

The stretching exercises are as follows:

1. Pull the skin either wearing a ball weight, leather stretcher or neither, directly straight forward from the body, holding opposite "corners" with the thumb and forefingers. Pull as far as possible, and hold in this position for about 30-45 seconds. fig 1

2. Pull the scrotum in the same position straight forward with the thumbs and forefingers in the corners of the stretched skin. This time, try to pull the hands apart from each other in opposite directions. This will stretch the skin running down the middle of the scrotum (the central line) near the bottom. Pull and hold for about 45 seconds. fig 2

3. Pull the scrotum out again just as in exercise 1. Use the tips of all four fingers on the bottom side of the skin using both hands. Pull the hands along with the scrotum edges in opposite directions to make the stretch, grasping the scrotum between the finger tips and along the side of the thumbs and hands. This grasps and holds the entire length of the scrotum in both hands. Hold for about 45 seconds under the hot bath water or shower stream. fig 3

4. This exercise has become known as "The Pendulum Exercise". That's a great way to remember this exercise while in the shower. Pull straight down but this time from the testicles grasping the top of the testicles wrapping finger and thumb around the top of the testicles. Pull down pushing the testicles down as far as possible and hold for about 60 seconds. Next, pull the testicles straight down again then move to the right pulling as moving just as a pendulum swings to the left then to the right. Pull firmly and hold about 30-45 seconds. This puts a specific pull on the left spermatic cord. Next, pull straight down again and move to the left pulling as moving. Hold again for about 30-45 seconds. This puts a specific pull on the right spermatic cord. When the testicles are pulled straight down, left, and right, the tightness and stretch of the spermatic cords can be felt in the pubic area. If a pulling feeling is not felt in the spermatic cords, then something is not being done correctly. It is important to stretch the spermatic cords as well as the scrotum because the testicles are suspended by the spermatic cords in the scrotum. fig 4

5. Pull straight up. This will stretch the skin at the base of the scrotum. Pull from the testicles straight up as if pushing the testicles straight up inside the scrotum. Pull up and hold for 45-60 seconds. fig 5

6. This exercise is especially important for everyone. Circumcised men: During full erection when the penis is extended upwards, is the loss of the extra skin on the penile shaft pulling upwards on the scrotal skin? This makes the scrotal sack pull up higher during erections. Uncircumcised men: Is wearing a leather stretcher pushing the bottom side of the penile skin upwards which retracts the foreskin? OR, is wearing a metal weight pulling the bottom side of the penile skin upwards making this skin area tender and sore and sometimes retracting the foreskin?

The "Web Stretch" exercise will help! Stretching the area of skin between the penis and the testicles will resolve these problems. This area includes the web of skin that connects the base of the penis to the scrotum. This skin web is commonly called the penoscrotal web. In the two photos, you can compare the unstretched skin web with the relaxed stretched skin web. A long relaxed skin web is necessary for the testicles to hang at their lowest. Everyone should do this exercise as a minimum.

With the left hand, grasp both testicles around the top with the left hand thumb and forefinger wrapping them around the top of the testicles. With the right hand, hold the penis about half way up the shaft in an upright position. The higher up the penis the hand is held, the more penile skin is stretched. Pull the penis upward which pulls the skin web upward. At the same time, pull the testicles downward with the left hand. With the left hand pulling straight down and the right hand pulling straight up the central line and top of the scrotum will be stretched vertically. Pull with enough strength that the skin between the two hands being stretched starts to feel warm and slightly sting. Pull and hold anywhere from several seconds to a few minutes. For an even stretch on both sides, switch hand positions from right to left and left to right and repeat the exercise. This simple exercise can be done easily throughout the day in the men's stall while at work and in the bathroom at home at each urination. This achieves the fastest alleviation from the above problems. fig 6

7. Let the testicles hang loosely in the stream of water in the shower. At this point the skin should be totally relaxed and hanging at the full length. Take the left and right sides of the hanging sack and using the thumb and forefinger, pull in opposite directions directly left and right. Pull tight and hard opposite directions unless/until pain is felt. Using only the thumb and forefinger, stretch in incremental places starting at the top of the scrotum and work downward a thumbs width at a time until you reach the bottom of the scrotum. This stretches out the skin in the mid section of the scrotum horizontally left to right. The skin was already stretched up and down, left and right in previous exercises. This exercise is beneficial because the local skin tension is higher and the stretch force is distributed to a smaller area of the scrotum as it is worked from the top traveling down on the scrotum. fig 7

8. In addition to the shower manual stretching exercises, the author recommends some additional stretching in the comfort of your home. If the stretcher and/or weight and testicles are able to hang out the shorts leg, they can be grabbed and held. Pull them by wrapping the thumb and forefinger around the top of the testicles and pull away from the body and hold for 30 seconds and repeating again. Sometimes sneakiness and cleverness must be used, such as putting a thin blanket over the legs and waist and then letting the testicles fall out of the shorts and do the stretching under the blanket. Another stretching exercise (which requires a longer hang) is when laying flat, prop the back up on several pillows, turn on the TV, get under a thin blanket, put the knees up in an upright position and let the testicles hang down the leg out the shorts hem and rest on the surface of the sofa or bed. Wrap the left hand behind the left leg (behind the femur) and grab the testicles around the top with the thumb and forefinger and pull the testicles around the back of the leg towards the left. Hold this position several minutes, maybe even the entire length of a TV show. For the next show on TV, use the right hand and stretch that way for an entire TV show. These long sessions stretch both spermatic cords as well as the scrotal sack. The forefinger may get tired, but experiment with slightly different placements of the thumb and forefinger wrapped around the scrotum. There is one position where the force is equal between the two fingers and the stretching pressure is enough to hold the testicles in place with very little pull from the forefinger thus allowing the hold to last for a half hour or more. fig 8

9. Related to ball stretching is ball lifting exercises. With a naked bare loose hanging scrotum, the testicles sit at the base of the sack. Flexing exercises pull the testicles upward higher in the scrotum and then letting them relax back into the scrotal sack. With a bare loose scrotum, weights or stretcher, stand upright. Pull using muscles in the groin and pull the testicles upwards. If wearing weights the testicles might only pull up a fraction of an inch. If wearing a leather stretcher, the testicles will only slightly move but not pull up at all. With a bare scrotum, the testicles will pull up from half to fully at the top of the scrotum. Flex these muscles; lifting the testicles up in the scrotum about 10 times each time each time the thought crosses the mind during the day. If the user is wearing a leather stretcher or ball weight, these exercises can be done in a sitting position since the testicles and scrotum are at their full length. However, these lifting exercises work best from a standing position with the testicles hanging loose. The muscles used are the same muscles that pull the testicles firmly upwards before orgasm. Putting weights or a stretcher that hold the testicles down against this uplift before orgasm creates a warm tingly pleasurable feeling in the testicles. There are two types of ball lift exercises: the lift/drop and the lift/hold. The lift/drop is self explanatory, just lifting and immediately releasing the muscles letting the testicles drop back down inside the scrotum. The lift/hold is when the testicles are flexed upwards and held for 1 or 2 seconds and then dropped back into the scrotum. There is more fatigue of the muscles on the lift/hold. The testicles are in the lift/hold position during the excitation and orgasm phases of the male sexual cycle.

10. This exercise stretches both spermatic cords safely, effectively, and gradually. The user is entirely free to control how long and how much tension is used in this stretch of the spermatic cords. Again, TOO much tension is a bad thing, and pain may be felt in the abdominal areas where the ligatures make a connection to the abdominal wall. Always remember a smaller amount of tension over a longer exposure time is the best way to stretch the spermatic cords. In order to do this stretch, sit as demonstrated in the photo at the end of this exercise. Sit with one ankle pulled up close to the groin. Hold the testicles in an "OK" grip circling the testicles with the thumb and forefinger. Anchor the hand holding the testicles on the front side of the ankle. Alternatively, this hand can be anchored on the corner of the bed or edge of a chair. After the hand is firmly anchored, simply lean backwards and feel the tension on the spermatic cords increase the further back the user leans. For some, this position may be held quite a long time, such as while watching a TV show. As long as the tension is not too great, a long exposure time such as this is entirely beneficial. This exercise can also be done easily when wearing loose clothing. The photo on the left shows the stretch anchoring the holding hand at the ankle, and the photo on the right shows the holding hand anchored on the corner of the bed while wearing clothing. It is amazing at how low the sack hangs after a lengthy exposure time using this exercise! Click here for the two photos.

A special technique can be used to apply horizontal stretching pressure to the scrotum. This technique does not use the muscles in the shoulder and arms, which have a low mechanical advantage - rather it uses the expansion of the chest as one inhales deeply. Basically, the arms and elbows are positioned next to the rib cage on both sides of the body. The inhalation mechanical action is then used which pushes outwards on the elbows which distribute this force down the radius and ulna (bones of the lower arm) towards the hands which are holding the left and right sides of the scrotum. As the inhalation is initiated, the diaphragm muscle creates an increasing volume in the lungs which pushes the chest wall out. This expansion is transferred mechanically to make a horizontal pull left to right on the scrotum. The steps are as follows.

1. Stand up straight and tall and lean backwards slightly at the hip.

2. Take a hold of the scrotum as directed in each horizontal stretch exercise.

3. Exhale completely, pushing out the air in the lungs.

4. Position the upper arms parallel to the torso of the body. Place the elbows firmly at the sides of the ribcage. Again, hold the scrotum as directed in the exercise.

5. Inhale deeply, which forces the elbows apart. Due to the geometry involved in this action, the distance of the expansion of the ribcage is multiplied as the force travels through the radius and ulna of the lower arm to the hands and ultimately transferred to the scrotum as a horizontal pressure force.

This technique generates a greater horizontal force than could be generated by using the muscles of the shoulder and upper arm.