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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

A Graded Method of Progress: Beginner to Advanced

The author has received many requests for further information regarding the Art of Ball-Stretching. In order to help new and interested people, the author has written a graded method of progress. This will serve as a rough guide to follow through ALL the various stages involved with ball-stretching.

The most frequently asked questions readers have in their minds before starting are…What is ball-stretching like? What do the sensations described in the article actually feel like? Will I enjoy it? Here, the author suggests you give it an inexpensive try with the purchase of some ponytailers, enough to give a couple inches of thickness. Apply them to the scrotal sack above the testicles and wear them for a day around the house, or go for a walk outside and pay attention to the feelings that having low balls stirs in those dedicated to our art. With weights and stretchers the feelings are more intense, but the ponytailers will give a foretaste of what is to come. Another option is the purchase of a $40 or similar leather stretcher. Wear periodically a couple weeks and become familiar with all the enjoyable sensations that ball-stretching provides. If the sensations are enjoyed, a leather stretcher can always be used in conjunction with a metal weight if that route is chosen. In the author's opinion, metal weights feel the best and will last a lifetime.

Another frequently asked question regarding this chapter is: "How do I know when I'm ready to upgrade to the next metal weight level?" The answer to this question is best described in picture in these two photos. The photo on the left is at a low enough hang so that a half inch weight can be added. The photo on the right displays the added half inch weight. Generally, the rule of thumb is that when the sack hang is low enough, the anticipated additional weight will result in having an inch or more of loose free hang.This allows for the contraction of the scrotal sack in cold and stressful conditions. In the photos, the left picture has 1 ¾ inches of loose free hang, and the addition of the half inch weight in the right picture results in a remaining 1 ¼ inches of loose free hang.

Another question frequently emailed to the author is as follows: "Can I skip the half inch weight and go right to a full inch weight after grade 1 in order to save money?" This question is also simple. The graded method has had much thought and planning used in its design. All the weights listed in the graded method will be used. There are no weights that go unused. Sometimes, the half inch weight is useful in going up to the next weight level. Going up one full inch between grades 1 and 2 using metal weights can sometimes result in pressure points. These pressure points may be intense enough so that the weight cannot be worn 24/7 (or as close as possible) as is suggested by the graded method. Less wear time means less exposure to the stretch stimulus, which means less progress. An additional half inch in metal weights can usually be tolerated so that it can be worn 24/7. This means more exposure and better results. In short, using the half inch weight length increase is the gentlest and most efficient way to the best possible outcome. In later grades, going up a full inch (or more) is suggested but this is at a point in which the sack is stretched enough and it is ready to handle the increase. .

Other frequently asked questions include:

- How do I know what to purchase?

- Where do I purchase the items I need to get started?

- What is better: leather stretchers or metal weights?

- Are lotions beneficial?

- What lotions work best for stretching?

- How do I get started?

- How long should I wear weights or leather stretchers each day?

- Can I jump right into 24/7 wear with a metal weight?

- How long will it take to achieve some noticeable results?

- What do I do next? How do I continue to achieve progress?

- And the most lingering question of all: "Will these effects be permanent?"

Yes, the effects are permanent. However, a comparison with stretched skin examples must be made with other stretched skin examples. The converse is also true. Many have commented regarding the fact that after around 15 days without exposure the scrotal sack seems to shrink. Yes it is true that after the stretching stimulus is removed, the skin pulls its self together until it reaches a cozy equilibrium of comfort between the cells, membranes, blood vessel, nerve fibers, skin tissues, etc. Everything that was stretched must pull together to a working equilibrium with each other and this process takes about 15 days and the sack size will stabilize. It is important to remember to compare examples of a "virgin" scrotal sack with a scrotal sack involved with ball-stretching that has had 15 days to reach this equilibrium. Compare your "virgin" beginning sack length with a relaxed sack not exposed to weights for 15 or more days. This is the true comparison! In the author's best guestimation, the shrinkage is between 15-20%.

The answers to these questions are contained within this chapter. Here, a graded method of progress is described from beginners in Grade 1 though the advanced users in Grades 7 and 8. The grades are organized into two parts: One for leather stretcher users and the other is for weighted metal users. The recommended best source for the items used in this graded process through the methods is Secret Leather. The quality and customer support is simply unsurpassed by anyone. However, any search engine will pull up a host of other options should the prospective buyer decide to choose a non-recommended supplier. As always, the author welcomes and encourages all questions in hopes of helping readers in their quest for lower hanging testicles.

Similar substitutions can be made for the specific weights called for in this graded method. Also, leather and metal weights can be used together by keeping the leather near the top of the hang and weights at the bottom for some variation and variety. Using leather stretchers does not add any significant weight. The stretching length is increased and held firm which works well with stretch tension supplied by the metal weights.

The author's sizes are used for the inside diameters on the WMC weights listed in this graded course of progress. Since two different WMC sizes will be used in later grades, the smaller WMC size is listed as 36mm while the larger WMC size is listed as 39mm. This corresponds to the smallest tightness multiplier (0.74) and the largest tightness multiplier (0.80). Users should use the inside diameter that best fits their own personal scrotal hang.

The progress through the grades is not meant to be taken literally at each word, but rather the user should make some similar decisions if a substitution must be made for a weight or leather stretcher. This method is an example, and there are many other similar methods other users have come up with that are just as valid. This example may be used literally at each word, but similar results can be expected making some similar substitutions. The purpose of this graded method is to give those just starting out some ideas of what may lie ahead for them, as well as some valuable ideas for seasoned stretchers alike.

What are the expectations for each grade? Metal users will notice rapid progress through Grades 1, 2, and perhaps 3. In actuality, Grades 1 and 2 and partly with Grade 3 is that the skin is acclimating to the stretching tension and the existing skin is stretching out until it reaches a maximum point in late Grade 2 or early Grade 3. Several users have reported a noticeable lower hang after only a week using a single WMC™. After Grade 3, the progress seems to slow to the user. Really, by early Grade 3 the fully stretched scrotal sack is now under 100% stretching tension and it is at this point that the cellular stimulation for growth of new skin cells really is taking place. Grades 1 and 2 stretch the available skin, Grades 3 and up are generating new skin. Do not become discouraged after Grade 2 because this is where a truly growing scrotal sack takes place. For those in Grades 3 and higher, a realistic expectation for loose hanging scrotal skin is about an inch each 10-14 months with 24/7 exposure. The progress is a little slower if 24/7 is not possible, but do not be discouraged because the tension applied is always stimulating new skin at this point.

For those who choose the less expensive leather stretcher method, the progress is a bit different than metal users. A pre-Grade 1 one inch stretcher may be required and used a few weeks to gradually stretch the skin so that a two inch leather stretcher can be applied. Average scrotal sacks will be fully expanded by the end of Grade 2. Grades 3 and above are generating new skin cells from the stretching stimulus and progress may appear to diminish. Do not become discouraged but rather be encouraged because this is where the real skin growth is taking place. Progress using leather stretchers is a little slower than metal weights. The average expectation is a growth of one inch of new scrotal hang after 14-18 months in Grades 3 and above with about 18 hours of daily exposure to the stretching stimulus. With only overnight exposure at 6 - 8 hours, the progress is still slower.

The use of only ponytailers is a very slow method of progress. The author has used this method from high school through the end of college with minimal length increase. Ponytailers are best reserved for temporary length increases while using the metal or leather as the primary method. On the same token, manual stretching does not really provide length increase but rather is useful for loosening/relaxing the scrotal skin in a hot shower/bath in preparation for the application of metal weights or leather stretchers.

Photographs of the hardware required are included at the end of each grade. These photographs are of the author's personal equipment and some pieces may have a "used" appearance. The author hopes the reader will overlook this aspect of the photos and view the photos for what they include in each grade.

The following few paragraphs appear also in "The Use of Excessively Heavy Weights" chapter, but are important and so are included here as well.

As the user advances through the graded levels in this guide and reaches their goal, weight levels of 32 to 40 ounces are adequate for use as a set of permanent weights. This is called the plateau stage of the stretching program. Additional weights can be added for temporary excitement, however through lots of information exchange with readers the author has come to the conclusion that the 32 - 40 ounce weight range is very comfortable and at two inches of weight thickness...less than the maximum of three inches of weights on the hang for continued comfortable wear. This makes the two inch length quite easy to wear anywhere anytime. Always remember that after a new user begins stretching, much lengthening and loosening of the scrotal sack takes place. This is the existing skin stretching out until it reaches it's maximum point. It is at this maximum stretching point, with continued weight/stretcher tension applied to the scrotal hang, than cellular multiplication kicks in, permanently growing more skin and connective tissues. The plateau stage will continue from this point forward in the stretching program, with gradual results noticed. Approximately one inch of new sack hang will develop every 10-14 months with continued use of this stretching program. Please read "I've Reached My Goal --- Now What?" chapter for further information regarding this stage of the program. If very heavy weights are used, even for a short time exposure, be aware of the dangers of this activity. Take care of your body, you only get one.

Related to the use of excessively heavy weights on the scrotal hang, there is also the issue of pushing too far too fast through the weight increases of the stretching program. The author realizes that this is never the user's own fault, but rather the result of excitement and an overwhelming enthusiasm for what the results of this stretching program can provide. Sometimes this excitement and enthusiasm for the results of the stretching program can cause new users to push through weight increases too fast. The author has had many communications with new users experiencing the same set of symptoms. These symptoms include an irritated reddish appearance to the scrotal skin, burning sensations under the weight-bearing lowest weights on the scrotal hang, and an outright vividly alive pain within the skin its self under the lowest weight-bearing collars on the scrotal hang. Sometimes the use of a moisture barrier bag and liberal use of shea lotion can help prolong wear of the weights a few hours, but the pain irritation and burning continue to plague the new user. Please note these symptoms are different than those of the skin allergy described in the "Preservation of Lotions and Butters" chapter.

If stretching pain symptoms are something new users begin to experience, consider the time intervals given for the scrotal sack to adjust to each new weight increase. If weight increases are added and maintained faster than this weight-guide schedule below, then more than likely the new user will experience these symptoms.

Weight Increase Guidelines for Users New to Weights:

One single 8 oz. WMC, worn initially 12 hours on and 12 hours off for the first week. Wear the weight 24/7 starting the second week of your stretching program. Continue wearing the single 8oz WMC for 8-12 weeks of exposure.

Add a second 8 oz. WMC with 8-12 hours on and a single 8 oz. WMC the remainder of the time for one week. After a week, continue at 24/7 wearing both WMC weights for a total of 16oz at 8-12 weeks of exposure.

Add a third 8 oz. WMC with 8-12 hours on and two 8 oz. WMCs the remainder of the time. After the second week, all three WMC weights may be worn for comfort and an extended wear time at 24 ounces of weight. Remember that a 30mm high WMC may be substituted for two 15mm high WMC weights.

As mentioned above, the "happy zone" of 32-40 ounces is perfect for the permanent set of weights worn by the user. Using the above weight increase timing guidelines, new users should have excellent results initiating their stretching program. The above guidelines are the result of two years of communication with hundreds of men beginning their stretching program. Since the author's personal experience began using leather stretchers, the transition to a heavier set of weights at faster time intervals was possible.

The guiding principle behind this weight increase timing suggestion is that it takes time for the scrotal sack to adjust to heavier weight levels. Scrotal skin (and all skin for that matter) can only stretch so far so fast. The pain and burning felt within the skin is the over-stretching of the tissues. This can result in micro-tears which heal as unstretchable scar tissue. New users should take caution that their enthusiasm not endanger their scrotal tissues through over-stretching and micro-tears. Always allow a week of transition time when adjusting to a new weight level in the permanent weights.

Sometimes, a new user will genetically have a larger and longer scrotal sack. This genetic head-start on this stretching program means that there is more room on the scrotal hang between the top of the testicles and the groin. In this case, it is very tempting and yet possible to skip the initial 15mm WMC weight and jump right over to the 30mm WMC weight.

The 30mm WMC weighs 16 ounces. An initial 16 ounce jolt to the scrotal hang at 24/7 exposure time right away is very tempting. However, after three to four days of 24/7 exposure for new users may result in one or more of the above uncomfortable skin symptoms. New users with room for a 30mm high WMC should begin their stretching program with 8-12 hours of exposure per day for the first week, and then gradually increase to 24/7 exposure over the next three weeks. This gives a gradual wear time that is gently increasing the first few weeks of the stretching program, and then 24/7 wear time should be possible while avoiding the uncomfortable over-stretching skin symptoms described in the above paragraphs.

The graded method is as follows. Dive in, give it a try, the water is lovely!


Metal users should start with the standard WMC™ weight after taking careful measurements following the directions in this article. This metal weight can be worn indefinitely 24/7 right away. It will give an idea of what sensations can be felt when using heavier weights later in the future.

Leather Stretcher users should start with a one or two inch leather stretcher ordered from a reputable company to insure quality. Be wary of "leather" stretchers which seem to be a very good deal; they usually aren't and lack significant quality.

Always use Palmer's Shea Butter Formula as lubricant for the weights or stretchers. Another excellent choice is Secret Leather's own Sheacoa butter. It works by greasing the sack in a butter-like consistency which readily melts at body temperature into a smooth silky lotion that lubricates and keeps the sack elastic all day. The Sheacoa butter is especially useful for those with sensitive skin types which may be more difficult to stretch. A shea based lubricant should be used in every grade in this course of progress. For more information on lotions, please read the section entitled "Lotions that Promote the Stretching of the Scrotum".

Ponytailers can also be used to add temporary stretching length to any metal weight or collar. They can be used at all levels of this graded course. Both ponytailers and the Shea butters/lotions will be listed in each grade of this course of progress.

Combined Metal Length: ½ inch

Combined Metal Weight: 8 oz

See this photo for hardware required for Grade 1.


Toolkit includes:

Metal: 36mm WMC™ and ½ inch New Ringmaster™

Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher.

Metal users will note that the ½ inch New Ringmaster™ has been added to the toolkit. Both WMC™ and New Ringmaster™ should be worn, with the WMC™ at the bottom. Wear both weights 24/7 or as much as possible. Shea butters or lotion should be worn as lubricant. A second WMC™ weight may be substituted at this point for the New Ringmaster™.

Leather Stretcher users will see a new 3 inch stretcher is suggested. When the balls hang loosely out the end of an old stretcher that means it's time to upgrade to the next stretcher level. When going from an old stretcher to a new one, the length can be slowly introduced by wearing the new longer stretcher for longer and longer time periods and wear the old stretcher between the periods of new stretcher wear. Soon, it will become comfortable and wearable without any troubles.

Combined Metal Length: 1 inch

Combined Metal Weight: 16 oz (1 pound)

See this photo for the hardware required for Grade 2.


Toolkit includes:

Metal: 36mm WMC™, ½ inch New Ringmaster™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™.

Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4" stretcher.

Metal users will notice the addition of the 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™ to the toolkit. Wear the WMC™ on the bottom and the new 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™ above. After a few weeks, try the ½ inch New Ringmaster™ with the 1 1/8 inch and WMC™. After a few weeks, try wearing all 3 metal weights 24/7.

Leather Stretcher users should move up to the 4 inch leather stretcher. The 3 inch should be loose and have the testicles hanging loosely out one side. Wear the 4 inch leather stretcher for short durations of time during the day and try to make durations last longer and longer. Soon the stretcher can be worn 24/7 without any difficulty.

Combined Metal Length: (all 3) 2.125 inches

Combined Metal Weight: 29 oz (1.81 pounds)

See a picture of the weights and stretchers in this toolkit here.


Toolkit includes:

Metal: 36mm WMC™, new 36mm WMC™, ½ inch New Ringmaster™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™.

Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4" stretcher, new 5" stretcher

Metal users should note the addition of a new 36mm WMC™. This WMC™ will be placed at the top of the weight stack and the other WMC™ is at the bottom of the weight stack right above the testicles. The 1 1/8 New Ringmaster™ can be worn between the WMC™s at first, then add the ½ inch New Ringmaster™ between the WMC™s for added weight and length.

Leather Stretcher users will notice the new 5 inch leather stretcher. Again, slowly begin wearing the new leather stretcher length for small intervals of time, getting longer each time.

Combined Metal Length: 2.625 inches

Combined Metal Weight: 37 oz (2.31 pounds)

The toolkit picture of this grade can be viewed here.


Toolkit includes:

Metal: 36mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™, and the ½ inch New Ringmaster™.

Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4 inch stretcher, 5 inch stretcher, new weighted leather stretcher.

Metal users should use the two WMC™s one at the bottom and one at the top and both 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™ and ½ inch New Ringmaster™ between. Using the ½ inch New Ringmaster™ will help with vertical stretch and added weight.

Leather Stretcher users will now see that we will add two leather stretchers together to get a new length. Here we will add a 2" and a 4" leather stretcher to make a 6" leather stretcher hang. Metal users will notice no addition of stretching hardware at this point. Users are encouraged to try using a short leather stretcher between the top and next metal weight for added length and stretch. Or, try wearing all of the existing toolkit hardware for longer periods of time.

Combined Metal Length: 2.625 inches

Combined Metal Weight: 37 oz (2.31 pounds)

The toolkit picture of this grade can be viewed here.


Toolkit includes

Metal: 36mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™, 1 ¾ inch New Ringmaster™, and ½ inch New Ringmaster™.

Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4" stretcher, 5" stretcher, weighted leather stretcher.

Metal users should cautiously wear the new 1 ¾ New Ringmaster™ weight at home with the two WMC™ weights and the 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™ only as the length and weight becomes more familiar. After an initial partial exposure to this weight, it can then be used 24/7 as long as comfort levels are maintained. At last, adding the ½ inch New Ringmaster™ will conclude this grade.

Leather Stretcher users toolkit remains the same; however in this new grade we will use the 4" leather and 3" leather together to make a 7" leather stretcher hang. Leather or metal users can use the weighted leather stretcher for added length or weight as desired.

Combined Metal Length: 4.375 inches

Combined Metal Weight: 59.9 oz (3.74 pounds)

The toolkit picture of this grade can be viewed here.


Toolkit includes:

Metal: 39mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™, 1 ¾ inch New Ringmaster™, ½ inch New Ringmaster™.

Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4" stretcher, 5" stretcher, weighted leather stretcher.

Metal users will notice the added third WMC™. A 39mm WMC™ can be placed first on the scrotal hang at the bottom right above the testicles. The next 36mm WMC™ can be placed above that. These two different sized WMC™ weights act as a funnel, bringing down the scrotal diameter more slowly than with only one WMC™. Due to the heavier pull of the above mentioned weights, pressure point pain may be felt beneath the single WMC™ weight at the bottom, so the additional slightly larger WMC will help distribute the larger weight load more broadly over a double WMC™ surface area. A funnel effect situation should not be used endlessly for weeks and weeks. A compressed testicle often will result. The compressed testicle is then small enough to cause frequent weight slippages. To avoid the compressed testicle condition, alternate every 3 weeks between the lowest and the weight above that. Use each WMC on the bottom every 3 weeks. A good rule of thumb for the inside diameter of the bottom WMC™ is to use the loosest tightness multiplier; use the smallest tightness multiplier for the next WMC™ positioned directly above. The 1 1/8 New Ringmaster™ can be worn, but the 1 ¾ New Ringmaster™ may prove too long to hide in pants comfortably, so the 3 WMC™s and the 1 1/8 New Ringmaster™ can be considered permanent weights and the 1 ¾ New Ringmaster™ weight will be added in the comfort of home and individual activity outside the house. The ½ inch New Ringmaster™ can be added temporarily during the day to make the stretch longer but should be taken off during the night for more comfortable sleeping.

Leather Stretcher users will now use the 5" and 3" leather stretchers to make an 8" hang. Try to keep this hang going while at home or overnight.

Metal Combined Length: 4.875 inches

Combined Metal Weight: 67.9 (4.24 pounds)

To view this toolkit, click on the picture link here.


Toolkit includes: Metal: 39mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™, 1 ¾ inch New Ringmaster™, ½ inch New Ringmaster™, and a 1 inch standard 16oz weight.

Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4" stretcher, 5" stretcher, weighted leather stretcher.

Metal users will notice the addition of a standard 16 oz. weight. This weight will serve as a substitute for lower mass weights such as the ½ inch New Ringmaster™. It can also be used temporarily to increase the length and weight of the hang. The author does not recommend wearing all the weights together as the combined weight is too heavy and borders safe weight levels.

Leather Stretcher users will now be able to use the 4" leather and the 5" leather stretchers to make a 9" hang. Try to keep this hang going at least during the day at home. Try sleeping overnight with it, but if it is too bothersome take one of the stretchers off.

Combined Metal Length: 5.875 inches

Combined Metal Weight: 85.5 oz (5.34 pounds)

To View this toolkit, click on the picture link here.