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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Introducing Spouses/Partners/Friends & Family to Ball-Stretching

The attitude of most partners and spouses of ball stretchers is that of complete acceptance, supporting the reader's right to their own body, mind and beliefs. However, there are a few who have strong-willed partners or spouses. These are the people who think they have total control and will make choices on your behalf, without your consent. Stretching can be difficult for those with partners who do not approve of ball-stretching. In this case, education of this person on the following points will help promote the dialogue.

  1. Remember your rights: You have a right to your body. You have a right to the possibility of fulfilling a life long childhood sexual fantasy. You have a right to the boost of self esteem ball-stretching provides. You have a right to the enhanced look ball weights makes in the genital package. You have a right to the permanent enhancement that ball-stretching provides through visually elongating the testicles from the body, thus enhancing the package. You have a right to your happiness, and the emotional high that ball-stretching provides. You have the right to have the body image you've always wanted. You have a right to the happiness you've always wanted.
  2. The spouse/partner will have one of the following responses:
    • Full acceptance of the process, results, desires, and sexual attraction to the stretching process.
    • The spouse/partner will be so strong-willed that they dismiss the idea and forbid ball-stretching. The reader then gives up and does not fight back for his rights. YOU are a target reader for this section, because standing up for your rights applies here as well as in many other areas of life. Standing up for ball-stretching can seem difficult. Education is the key to standing up for your rights.
    • The spouse/partner rejects the idea, resulting in a secret-lifestyle in ball-stretching. Stretching in secret is impossible to keep up. This section is also for you. Education is again the key to resolution.
    • The spouse/partner rejects the idea, but they respect you and understand your rights to your body, your mind and your beliefs.
  3. Providing unwavering assertion that you own the rights to your mind, body and beliefs is the most effective way in winning the argument.
  4. Introduce the spouse/partner to this web guide and briefly summarize each title point with one or two sentences. This way, they will have a quick but basic idea of how ball-stretching works without all the laborious reading. Speak loudly and forcefully to help reinforce subconsciously the rights of belief.
  5. An open dialogue of the deepest inner most thoughts and desires regarding low hanging balls can be established. In this dialogue, use the principles discussed in this section of the article regarding your rights to your body and your happiness. Allow a two way dialogue to become established. Answer legitimate questions honestly and whole-heartedly. Treat any disrespect lightly and stick to the main points of your argument. When your spouse/partner sees how you are not thrown off course in your presentation, they will be even more likely to believe you and what you are trying to say. Once this two way dialogue is established, effective teaching and education can happen.
  6. Negative fears and feelings can spring up, which can be a feeling of humiliation by an un-accepting strong-willed spouse, the fear of loss of sexual interest, and fears of a relationship breakup. These feelings are most likely irrational without any foundation in reality. For the extreme vast majority of the strong-willed spouses/partners, these things will not happen. The best advice is to be honest with rights and desires on your behalf.

What is the content of the education provided? Bring up the points this method emphasizes: safety and gradual but constant progression towards a goal. Let your spouse/partner know about your long term goals first, perhaps only an inch lower, or maybe a continually stretch. An emphasis on what this topic means to you personally should be at the center of your argument. Does it improve your self image or promote a feeling on improved self esteem? Does it improve your sexual self image? Does it improve your sex/masturbation sessions? These are all main points to bring forth in your discussion. Be sure to include all positive feelings/emotions/circumstances that ball-stretching means personally to YOU.

Many times, the first few sentences are the most difficult to compose and articulate. The following examples are ice-breaking sentences which are accurate and psychologically healthy.

  1. "I have an interest in something sexual…is it o.k. for us to talk about it? That's great. I have always had a secret sexual desire for big things hanging between the legs. As a result I am very interested in the topic of ball-stretching. I have even tried it a few times. I have a ball ring at home (or with you or wearing on yourself) and if you're interested in seeing it I am happy to show it to you and even give a live demonstration (if you prefer)"
  2. "Have you ever noticed how I love your testicles? Have you ever noticed how I enjoy playing with my testicles? I have had an interest in testicles for a very long time and I enjoy expressing that interest sexually such as…" (Continue with No. 1 above).
  3. "Have you noticed how my testicles hang low?"
  4. "Do you like low hangers? Have you noticed my low hangers?"
  5. "Do you know David (insert name)? He has the lowest hanging testicles I have ever seen. I think they are sexy. What do you think?"
  6. "I know you won't like this but I'm interested in growing some lower hanging testicles. This will enhance my visual image, as well as boosting my self confidence." (Continue with other advantages if desired).
  7. "Have you thought about getting lower hanging testicles for yourself?"
  8. "Have you seen me naked in the shower? Have you noticed my low hanging testicles? I actually enjoy ball-stretching. Let me tell you how it works."
  9. "Remember last night how you liked the scrotal skin on my sack? Well I have to tell you I have an interest in something sexual… (Continue as in No. 1).
  10. "I ran into this website yesterday" (show them this web page and the preface to this guide).
  11. "Josh sent me this website this morning…what do you think?"
  12. "Have you seen my weights on while we were at the gym? I was wondering if you have any thoughts, ideas, or questions about them."
  13. "I see you look at my weights a few times, do you have any questions?"
  14. "To be blunt, I enjoy ball-stretching. Would you like to see my sack? Would you like to try on a weight?"
  15. "Have you ever thought about ball-stretching? Do you have interest in learning how to get lower hangers?" Then display ball-stretching catalog page.
  16. "Approach them in the same way you were approached with the topic.
  17. "I am looking to improve my self image and for me that means I am going to try ball-stretching". Then show them this guide.
  18. "I saw a guy in the showers the other day and he had magnificent low hangers! Have you ever noticed low hanging guys? Do you think low hangers look sexy masculine or powerful?"
  19. "I saw this guy online and he has amazing low hangers! Have a look at this website (forward information to them). Do you like low hangers too?"
  20. "What do you think about low hanging guys?"
  21. "I have low hangers, and I was wondering if you have them too."
  22. "Did you see the low hangers on Francis last night in the locker room? I would LOVE to have balls like that! Did you know that I was looking through my things and found a website that is made for beginners who would like to grow lower hanging balls?" (Show them this site).
  23. "I have a private confession to make….will you vow your secrecy?"
  24. "I have a sexual secret to tell you….I like to stretch my balls and/or I would like lower hanging testicles."
  25. "When I'm not at work I like to relax and let my balls hang low under my boxers. I have them bunched up all day long and it feels good to let them hang after work. Have you ever noticed that?"
  26. "You've seen my sack…what do you think of it?"
  27. "You've seen my naked sack and said you loved it…I wear a set of ball weights like these which feel fantastic and a constant source of sexual stimulation."
  28. "You've felt how soft my sack is, right? Well I use a special shea butter lotion to keep it elastic and stretchy. I do this when I'm wearing some ball weights which keep my sack stretched and growing longer and larger. Isn't that cool cool?!?"
  29. "You liked my sack right? Well then look at this site!" Show them this site.
  30. "These things feel amazing! You should at least feel how heavy they are in your hang…..would you like to try one on?"
  31. "Do you want to try on a ball weight?"
  32. "I bet if you tried on a ball weight you would be amazed at how good it feels."
  33. "I found this website which explains it all! Let me show you."
  34. "I'm standing up for my rights as a human being and I am going to try ball-stretching. I'm not doing this to make you angry, I'm doing this because it's always been my dream to have big low hanging balls and enhance my package as well as my self image."
  35. "A friend at work showed me this website."
  36. "I found this method and cool website online about stretching your balls. I thought you might be interested because the other night you were playing with them and were excited. With this system you can get them as easily as I did." Show them this guide.
  37. "I saw this guy in the locker room with the lowest hanging balls I've ever seen! Did you see him yet? What do you think about them, are they sexy?"
  38. "When I was just walking back from the vendor, I saw this guy sitting and his balls were hanging out. I thought they were interesting. Do you like low hangers? I saw this cool website on ball-stretching; do you want to see it?"
  39. "Do you remember Cousin Josh last year? We were camping last year and he rolled over and his balls fell out of his shorts. I found a website that can show us how we can have low hangers like Josh did last year."
  40. "I was on the bus the other day and saw a guy in track shorts and boxer underwear and he had low hangers that hung past his shorts hem. I thought they were a big turn on. I have always had an interest in low hangers… continue or show them this website.
  41. "Have you noticed the bulge I have when I'm at work?"
  42. "At work, do you think I have a bulge? I have low hangers but hold them up high during the day."
  43. "If I told you there was a safe effective way to get lower hanging testicles, would you like to see the web article on it?"
  44. "You know my interest in low hangers. I'm also interested in the excitement of ball-stretching. Here is a web guide on the entire topic of ball-stretching." Show them this guide.
  45. "Do you think my bulge shows when I wear these pants?"
  46. "I have seen you staring at my bulge…are you curious?"
  47. "I have big low hangers and a fetish for wearing ball weights. You know about it now, so do you have any questions?"
  48. "Before we have sex, would you like to try on a ball weight to see the difference in feeling?"
  49. "I know we just met, but I want to tell you that I am into a program of growing lower hanging balls for myself. Here is the website guide I am following."
  50. "When I/we have sex I like to wear ball weights. Does that make sense or do you have questions?"

One user online explained he would hide his stretching from his wife for about a year. Then, he made up his mind that he liked to ball stretch and that he wanted to continue to do it. It was at this point he brought up the topic to his wife. She had no objection and they both live happily together.

In the author's experience, his partner believes ball-stretching is "crazy". He does however continue to enjoy stretching. The partner recognizes the fun and enjoyment and supports him in that way. There is sometimes playful teasing involved; however, this is often followed by a jab at the partner's quirks in reply. This is the sign of a healthy relationship.

Of course only the reader himself will know the best way to approach his spouse/partner regarding this topic. The vast majority will get a favorable and supportive response. If you as the reader are still searching for ideas, please email me and we can discuss a good way to approach your spouse/partner. Results here are mostly better than expected.

After a discussion with a spouse/partner regarding ball-stretching, most are willing to respect the rights of ownership of one's own body, mind, and beliefs. For those tough cases, please email the author for helpful ideas. Often these cases are quite unique which means no category for them.

Other people such as close friends, gym workout partners, or other family members can also be educated and enlightened to the topic of ball-stretching and the growth of larger and lower scrotal hangs. Gym workout partners are especially easy to educate because they are able to see the stretcher/weights if they are worn to the gym and exposed in the locker room. Close friends, in whom there is no sexual interest (and nothing to lose), can also be educated quite easily. Friends are probably going to be 99.9% accepting of ball-stretching, and they may enjoy the conversation. It is always exciting to stir the repressed longing many men have for lower hangers and do not know it until they are confronted with it randomly. Making ball-stretching converts is fun and exciting and a fantastic way to share something private between friends bolstering the friendship even more. The rewards of having a friend who shares an interest in ball-stretching are boundless.

Just as "coming out of the closet" for gay men and women is always an emotional and spiritual renewal in a new life with boundless freedoms, the same is also true with the act of ball-stretching. The freedom to stretch anytime anywhere has boundless rewards in its self. The author highly recommends the freedom and benefits ball-stretching provides in an open household. Stretching only in private is only possible at certain times, where 24/7 stretching can occur in an open household. Progress, and all the benefits that result, will happen the fastest only in an open household. Perhaps the easiest way to bring up the topic is to simply make a statement that ball-stretching is enjoyed and be open and ready for questions. Enjoy the process: it should be an educational enjoyable process and not something to be feared. Always remember there is an online "universe" of ball-stretchers with posts and pictures in an ultra-supportive and healthy environment at and Secretleather discussion group.