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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

I've reached my Goal ---- Now What?

Once the initial desired sack length is reached, stretching must continue past this point because the sack will begin to shrink about 20% after the weights are left off 15 days or longer. The final goal can be reached only after the sack has finished its 20% size reduction. This means that an additional 20% must be added to the other side of the equation; stretching an additional 20% beyond the desired length is necessary. After the weights have been off the sack for 15 or more days, the sack skin cells naturally group themselves closer together and reach equilibrium. Also, over the longer time periods without weights, the skin may naturally continue to pull tighter together. This is noticeable because the sack does not hang as low. Then, some maintenance stretching is required. Wearing ball weights, stretch for 4 weeks and then evaluate progress. Then add more time as necessary to re-stimulate growth and reset the system from "contraction" to "growth".

After 15 days or longer without the use of ball weights, the spermatic cords begin to loose their tone. Resuming wearing ball weights will require a gradual reconditioning of the tissues of the spermatic cords. This is akin to a comatose patient- these patients loose their muscle tone at an alarming rate! After 7 days in a coma, these patients's muscle tone and strength degenerate so much that several weeks of physical therapy on each muscle group is required for the patient to have enough strength to move the arms or walk independently. This is also true with the "carrying ability" of the spermatic cords. Resuming ball stretching should be done at the rate of adding 8 ounces every 2 days until the 32 ounce level is reached. Then, the rate should be every 3 days or as is comfortable for the reader. Overstretching of the spermatic cords is a big risk, so take things slowly. A stretching injury to the spermatic cords will set the reader back so that 5 days of healing will be required before the attempted weight load can again be tried. During this reconditioning period, take precautions so that the ball sack and weights are not subjected to large swings or bounces (such as when running, masturbation or sex)….this will also injure the spermatic cords and a period of healing will be required.

So, the desired length may need maintenance stretching. If weight pulling down on the testicles is no longer desired but the stretch feeling or the feeling of things around the scrotal sack is desired, then try wearing a leather stretcher instead of the ball weights. Obtain a leather stretcher that is at the desired sack length. Two or more leather stretchers that add up to the total desired length can also be used…the stretchers will bend at the joints and allow for a more comfortable wear. Leather stretchers are a lighter device that will hold the testicles at the desired length but does not add any weight.

After one to two years, the desired sack length slowly becomes more stable. Maintenance stretching will gradually become less and less necessary to maintain the desired scrotal sack length. After two years at the desired sack length, maintenance stretching will rarely be required. For practical purposes, the ball sack length is permanently at the desired length. The stretching goal has been reached- congratulations! :-)