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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Ball Stretching using Non-standard Items

As a child in late elementary school and early junior high, the author came to the discovery that wearing various items around the space between the body and the testicles can feel very good. The author experimented with many items, including cardboard paper towel centers and toilet paper centers. All of these items had sharp edges and would cause immediate pain. Through trial and error, the author discovered that elastic ponytailers little girls wear in their hair to hold a pony tail in place felt the best when worn around the testicles. They are elastic, so pulling them over the testicles was easy and they fit snugly wrapped around the space between the body and the testicles. Eventually, wearing several elastic ponytailers at once felt even better. The author kept wearing elastic ponytailers well into his college years and into graduate school. More and more elastic ponytailers can be pushed into the limited space between the body and the testicles which increase tension and push downward on the testicles.

About 20-30 elastic ponytailers can be worn on a bare scrotum to push down on the testicles, proving their worth as the second method used in ball stretching in addition to manual stretching, metal weights and leather stretchers. Make sure the elastic ponytailers are of the correct size, so that they can be stretched over the testicles. Shop around several stores first and then purchase the thickest and puffiest elastic ponytailers you can find. Elastic ponytailers as close to 1½ inches as possible in diameter work the best.

These elastic circular ponytailers can also be used as an added technique to leather stretchers and ball weights. They can be applied to the stretched scrotum between the testicles and a leather stretcher or ball weights to temporarily lengthen the stretch. Five elastic ponytailers can add an additional inch of stretch to the scrotum. This is usually only temporary however this temporary length increase can be worn all day and all night depending on the comfort level. The elastic ponytailers are also helpful when worn underneath a leather stretcher or metal weights for the purpose of easing the discomfort from pressure points as well as stopping the clacking sound that is made when two metal weights are worn together when placed between the two metal weights (discussed in the stainless steel ball weight section). These elastic ponytailers are available in the hair accessories aisle in stores such as Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target, or any other retail chain store in the United States and similar outlets in the UK such as Asda etc

These elastic ponytailers can also be worn easily under the clothes if their total length is not TOO long. Three inches or less can be worn easily under the clothes wearing boxer underwear that allows the stretch and testicles to hang down one pant leg. A length of ponytailers longer than 4 inches tends to show up as a large bulge where the two testicles are pushed down at the end of the scrotum. Loose fitting pants and boxer underwear will hide this bulge much better than tighter fitting pants. Wearing jogging pants which are loose fitting, or exercise pants seem to work well. If the legs are slender, this also helps to hide the bulge much better than more chunky style upper legs. Generally, the elastic ponytailers can be worn all day and all night for a greater stretching effect. However, they should be taken off when bathing or showering and the scrotum should also be washed and rinsed.

Another non-standard item which is helpful in ball stretching is the plain and simple sock. Socks have many uses for the avid ball stretcher. This is a partial list of all the ideas that socks can be employed to assist in the act of ball stretching:

    Thick athletic sock worn on the genitals can prevent the sack from tightening up overnight. Since the sock provides some warmth insulation, the sack can stay relaxed during the dream states. Men who suffer from night pains relating to tight sacks and weights should consider wearing one (or more??) socks over the hang. A thin new condition dress sock that is cut at the ankle can be worn over the total weight length on the scrotal sack. Wearing a thin dress sock in this manner greatly diminishes the normal "clanking" sounds that weights sometimes make. The author has experienced a 98% decline in clanking sounds while wearing the hang freely. Wearing a thin sock over the scrotal hang can help keep the sack relaxed during the work day by providing a small amount insulation and stopping air circulation with the sack skin. A thicker athletic sock can have the elastic portion of the leg rolled into a ring and then put the hang inside the foot portion of the sock. This provides much insulation and keeps the scrotal hang warm and relaxed in cold winter months. An athletic sock or sock of equal thickness can add a noticeable bulky feeling to the genital hang. Many times this is sexually exciting. Wearing a sock in this manner is a gateway to further sexual activity either alone or with a partner. Wearing a thin dress sock over the genital hang provides MUCH stability within the underwear. The reason is the cloth to cloth friction barrier. This is so high that cloth-on-cloth rarely moves without damage to the cloth structure. Steel weights are quite slippery in comparison. A fool-proof underwear method has been developed by the author, and this involves wearing a thin sock over the scrotal hang. When this is placed into the underwear pouch and then double-supported by a second pair, the scrotal sack can be placed in a comfortable position while in the men's bathroom stall, and then wear this position the remainder of the day. A thin sock can be worn as a protective layer between the sack skin and a leather stretcher or metal weight. This is especially helpful when used with lotion and leather stretchers. The thin sock material absorbs and holds the shea lotion and helps keep the skin moist with shea lotion. A thin sock worn over the hang helps to diminish the sensations felt on the ball sack skin, especially that "right-before-your-balls-falls-out" feeling. Sensations like these, that make us pause in our steps for fear of any further leg movement and having a weight fall off, are virtually eliminated from happening.

HOW TO WEAR A THIN SOCK: Clip one end of the sock cut off together sealed closed. The other end of the sock is the elastic portion of the sock leg. Put two ponytailers around the top of the sack above the weights. ALWAYS apply lots of shea lotion/butter under each weight and on the ball sack below. Put the sack hang into the sock. Finally, fold the top of the sock under the two ponytailers which hold the sock up in place. The last two pictures of the following photo plate show an athletic sock worn over a thin dress style sock. This provides needed insulation to keep the sack relaxed in cold winter months.

CLICK HERE for photographic illustration.

Socks Cut&Pinned.jpg Sock Step 1.jpg
Sock Step 2.jpg Sock Step 3.jpg
Athletic sock.jpg Athletic sock rolled.jpg
Athletic sock pulling up.jpg Athletic sock pulled up.jpg

Baby and toddler sized cotton socks are also useful for ball-stretchers. The elastic portion of baby and toddler sized cotton socks can be cut off from the foot portion of the sock. The elastic only portion of the sock is useful as a comfortable weightless spacer on the scrotal hang. Simply stretch the elastic baby/toddler sock portion over the testicles and wear them around the scrotal hang above the testicles. This will work very well along with ponytailers, as well as a good way to add a temporary length increase (additional stretch) to the scrotum for those using metal ball weights or leather stretchers. This portion of the baby/toddler sock can also serve as a substitute for ponytailers; instead of using 5 ponytailers use the sock instead. When buying baby/toddler socks, pay close attention to the sock elastic size since this will have to stretch over the testicles. Make the purchase decision keeping the two testicles' size diameter in mind.

Since there are many types of baby and toddler sized socks, the reader is encouraged to experiment and try different styles of socks. The elastic portion is most useful. Save the foot half of the sock also since these can be used if the reader would like to have two layers of sock. The lack of the elastic portion means it should be placed on the scrotal hang first, and then a sock with the elastic portion can be placed on top.

The elastic portion of the sock can only partially resist the contraction of the scrotal sack. It will bunch up together and hold the testicles down about half way the length of the elastic. The baby sock material can also absorb the excess shea butter lotion. The reader should not be deterred; this is still an excellent method.

Wearing the sock and it's placement is important. The top of the sock needs to be secured when wearing thin dress socks. Wear a couple ponytailers around the sack hang, and then pull the dress sock top under the ponytailers. Once all the ponytailers and sock is pulled out evenly, position the ponytailers in a row right above the top weight. If the dress sock is long enough, and it is recommended to have a long sock length, it should be pulled forward towards the balls so that it lies flat around the weights. The double layer of thin sock material keeps the weights tightly together without any of the weight clanking sound. The weights swing together as 1 solid weight for a very secure feeling. The weights are still individually able to move laterally for comfort. These three photos show how to hold up the thin dress sock using ponytailer placement and folding over. The author prefers using the thin dress sock because it is so thin, does not make the package look large, keeps the weights quiet, and feels the most comfortable. CLICK HERE for illustrations.