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Welcome to the newly updated website! We have new products and new features. Please feel free to browse. If you have any questions... email me! [email protected] We do not sell WMC weights to anyone else. If you did not buy it at it is NOT a genuine WMC weight. It is fake.

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Are you a new reader to this web guide? Are you an experienced stretcher having found this web guide useful and resourceful in your stretching program? Have you always suffered with a smaller and tighter than desired scrotal sack? Have you found it now possible, through the help of this web guide, to realize how you can mold and shape your own scrotal sack for the appearance you've always desired...even in your wildest dreams?

Through hundreds of conversations, the author has come to the realization that there is a great deal of gratitude resulting from the use of this web guide. Out of every 50 web hits, the author receives an email communication from an interested reader expressing an element of gratitude for the work revealed in this web guide.

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