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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

How to Perform a Self Testicle Examination

The author recommends that men adopt a regular but occasional cycle of self examination of their testicles. Occasionally while in the shower, do some stretching exercises to loosen the scrotal hang while standing in a stream of hot water. Examine the testicles in the following ways:

1. Using fingers and your sense of touch, examine each testicle back and forth in alternation and make note of any differences between the two testicles. Do this by holding the scrotal hand in the palm of one hand use the other hand to examine, feel, and lightly squeeze each testicle and always make a note of differences.

2. Use both hands and gently roll each testicle between thumb and forefinger, checking for any lumps or swellings. Be aware of heaviness or hardness in part or all of the testicle. The testicles should be smooth to touch except for the epididymis, which is a soft squishy attachment on the back side of each testicle. This structure connects to the spermatic cord.

3. Examine the scrotal sack its self. Check for any lumps on the skin surface, color changes, new moles or spots that might have changed color. Examine both surfaces: the exposed front part behind the penis, and the back side between the legs.

Regular doctoral exams of the testicles are also recommended and are usually taken during regular physical check-ups. Both male and female doctors are qualified to perform the exam.