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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Ball Stretching using Stainless or Surgical Steel Weights

When getting started in ball stretching using metal weights (also called ball weights, steel collars, or split collars), the correct size is the most important factor in selecting the correct weight to use. First, a size measurement must be obtained.

The inside hole where the testicles are pulled through should be 20-26% smaller than the circle measured around the top of the testicles. The correct measurement is a delicate balance between being too loose (in which the testicles will slip back through the central hole of the weight and the weight will fall off) and being too tight (in which case there is not only a risk of restriction to the blood flow and discomfort, but there is a great deal of difficulty in getting the weight positioned properly and moving the scrotal skin out of the way in order to put the two halves of the steel collar together) The author's experience as well as many other men's experience has shown that the 20-26% reduction of the measured inside diameter is necessary for the right tight fit. For men with very large testicles, the reduction could extend to 10% to 15%. Please read the following measurement instructions carefully and deliberately, and then follow through with the math on the example measurement, conversion to mm, and calculations for the correct inside diameter.