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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

A Medical Statement

The author is an intellectual and this article is written in formal academic style. The author has versed himself well through the reading of medical texts as well as much personal experience, however, the author is by no means a medical expert and this article is not intended to be given as medical advice in any form what so ever. If there are questions about ball stretching, feel free to contact the author (note - regrettably Jarod is no longer able to respond to individual emails); however, a medical opinion is best given by a urologist who is a specialist in the male reproductive system. The author is aware however that many of his contacts have had recommendations by trained urologists, and many have no idea that the Art of Ball Stretching exists. The author has heard of several reports of urologists recommending surgery and skin transplantation for those who have tight scrotal sacks.

Before any attempt at ball-stretching is made, the author highly suggests a complete physical by a general practitioner. This examination will include examination of the testicles for abnormalities, status of the spermatic cord, a hernia check and blood pressure management. A hernia or heart/blood pressure difficulties make ball-stretching very difficult. A hernia must first completely heal before ball-stretching is attempted and also be aware that a hernia weakens the abdominal wall so that a second hernia is more likely. For persons in this category, very light ball weights should only be used. Heavier weights will exacerbate the hernia condition. Circulatory problems such as high blood pressure or heart disease also complicates ball-stretching. A rock-solid circulatory system (including lymph vessels) is essential in ball-stretching because under certain conditions such as weights/stretcher being too tight and constrictive or too much weight on the testicles, blood flow to the testicles and scrotal sack could possibly be reduced. To compensate for this, the blood pressure and heart activity must be increased which could cause a crisis for those with circulatory system difficulties.

Under normal conditions, ball stretching is very safe, effective, and enjoyable. The purpose of a physical exam is to detect problems early before they become a big problem. The author has consulted his primary care physician regarding ball-stretching: good testicle health, absence of hernia and good cardiovascular health are the main issues. It is possible to have a herniated abdominal wall without knowing about it. In this example, if ball-stretching is attempted, the hernia will be made worse. Early detection of blood pressure problems is also important so that it can be brought under control with diet/exercise/medication. Once a hypertensive condition is under control, ball stretching is very safe and can be enjoyed to the fullest extent possible.