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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Ball Stretching Using Leather Stretchers

Ball stretching using leather stretchers achieves more progress than stretching alone or wearing the elastic ponytailers. Just as elastic ponytailers can be worn all day, a leather ball stretcher can also be worn all day and all night while asleep.

Always be wise when shopping for leather stretchers. The market is flooded with cheap knock-offs of quality leather stretcher brands. If you pay around $25 for a leather stretcher, it's probably not going to be the best quality. The leather imitation is based in polyurethane and is not something anyone would want long time exposure to. The $40 and higher price ranges are genuine leather and will work for your leather pleasures.

The reason this is brought up here is that the cheap leather stretchers will simply get soggy and fall apart when lubrication is added to them as is recommended in this article. So, buying a quality stretcher from a major source is definitely recommended.

Stretching the testicles 24/7 with a leather stretcher achieves great results in a relatively short period of time. The results are approximately one inch of scrotum growth every 10-16 months with consistent use. However, the longer the scrotum seems to get, the slower the progress seems to be. Initial stretching goes faster but slows little by little as the length increases. However, the author has experienced a quantum leap in length increase when going from leather stretchers to metal weights.

As with the elastic ponytailers, the total length of the ball stretcher is well hidden under loose fitting clothes up to a length of 3 inches. A 4 inch or longer stretcher begins to show as a bulge when wearing loose fitting office clothing; however they are better concealed under loose fitting jogging pants or loose fitting basketball shorts and longer style track shorts. In warm weather wearing longer loose fitting track shorts without underwear keeps the stretcher hidden very well and also has the maximum amount of freedom of movement to keep things very comfortable. Wearing loose boxer underwear also works well, but the movement is slightly restricted.

A leather stretcher works the same way a series of 5 or more (5 ponytailers equal 1 inch) ponytailers work in the stretching of the scrotum. The stretcher pushes upward against the base of the penis and the body in a pressure circle around the upper formation of the scrotum. Using an aggressive length ball stretcher tends to cause wear pain in this area if worn for several hours. A more conservative length stretcher provides pressure in this area, but the feeling is much more comfortable and the stretching can continue 24/7. The more conservative pressure stretching 24/7 achieves more results than 2 hours of aggressive pressure. Aggressive pressure is better applied using the discussed stretching techniques rather than an aggressive length ball stretcher. On the other end of the stretcher, the leather stretcher pushes downward on the testicles in another pressure circle around the area where the scrotum and the top of the testicles come together. An aggressive length stretcher also will cause pain and pressure points (area or circle where the stretcher is pressed too firmly into the skin causing slowing of circulation and pressure pain) in this area as well as at the top of the scrotum as previously discussed. A conservative length stretcher provides a firm pressure, but one that is comfortable and the user is able to enjoy the tingling sensations of the scrotum stretch and the experience is very enjoyable.

A leather stretcher pushes in both directions, upward against the base of the formation of the scrotum and downwards against the testicles. The length of scrotal skin between these two points is then stretched at a comfortable level in both directions. The leather stretcher is very useful in keeping the scrotum at its full length while sitting, laying down, sleeping or relaxing watching TV. The stainless steel ball weights (discussed later) are at 100% of their use in standing, walking, or sitting on the edge of a chair since they work by pulling downwards on the testicles using the force of gravity. When in other positions, a certain percentage of the metal ball weight is still exerting a pressure force on the scrotal sack keeping it elongated. When wearing metal ball weights, to a certain degree, they are constantly in use. For example, when lying down the steel weights are still exerting a pressure force keeping the scrotal sack elongated, as in this picture. However, metal weights can also be fitted on the total length of the hang and then they also act as a passive stretcher in addition to pulling down on the scrotum (active stretcher) A ball stretcher used in combination with stainless steel ball weights will push and hold down against the weights so that they can in turn continue to push against the scrotum right above the testicles. The leather stretcher also pushes up against the base of the formation of the scrotum.

Several users have asked questions regarding neoprene stretchers. What category? Neoprene stretchers are placed in the same category as Leather Stretchers because they work in an identical fashion as Leather Stretchers: pushing both up and down on the scrotal sack. Neoprene stretchers also closely resemble the Leather Stretchers in design and function.

There are two major draw-backs to neoprene stretchers. First, neoprene material tends to absorb cocoa butter lotion and shea butter lotion, resulting in a wrinkled swollen appearance. This may be enough to render the stretcher too tight (inhibiting blood flow) around the scrotal hang that runs through the center of the stretcher. Shea and cocoa butter lotions also will slowly dissolve the neoprene material over time, slowly disintegrating the stretcher. Second, neoprene material is toxic and should only be used for shorter time periods, perhaps several hours at most. Wearing neoprene in such close contact to the thin readily absorbing scrotal skin is like a slow but sure poisoning by this toxic material. The author does not recommend the use of neoprene stretchers. Leather stretchers are non-toxic, durable, and reliable. There is no cost benefit to neoprene verses leather. Leather stretchers, which can be in direct contact with scrotal sack skin indefinitely, are recommended over neoprene.

A ball stretcher used in combination with stainless steel ball weights will push and hold down against the weights so that they can in turn continue to push against the scrotum right above the testicles. The leather stretcher also pushes up against the base of the formation of the scrotum. The downward force of the testicles pressing against the bottom of the scrotum tends to promote new skin grown down the central line of the scrotum, immediately between the two testicles. The testicles pushing downward pull the central line apart in opposite directions, in effect stretching this area and stimulating new skin growth. Over time, a horizontal growth in the central line begins, starting with the typical eighth inch thickness stretching to over an inch of new skin growth at the central line of the scrotum. The central line is very sensitive to touch and motion made along the line. With the central line stretched horizontally to an inch or so, the same sensitivity is preserved over the entire stretch making the bottom of the scrotal sack very sensitive. This photo illustrates the expansion of the central line. On a tight ball sack, the central line near the bottom and expansion in both directions near the top are obvious (the central line and borders are drawn in with black marker). The arrows indicate the direction of growth on the central line both left and right. The sensitivity in this region between the two black borderlines is extremely high and a source of much erotic pleasure.

For the best results, a ball stretcher must be made to fit the available stretching length between the testicles and the formation of the scrotum above.