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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Glossary of Terms

Anal Web: The skin webbing on the back side of the scrotum, best visible with a fully relaxed and free hanging scrotal sack. This is the corresponding skin web to the penoscrotal skin web on the front of the scrotal sack which extends from the base of the penis to the front of the scrotum.

Ball Boat ©: A watertight plastic cup or glass that was selected on the basis of comfort. The cup or glass is attached to the scrotal sack. The purpose is so that the scrotal sack does not come in contact with toilet walls or toilet water.

Ball-Forcer ©: Secretleather's unique stretching system utilizing steel rods which hold two WMC weights at pre-cut lengths apart. This stretching system uses both the gravity of the WMC weights as well as the length stretching provided by the steel rods. Read more about the system in the "Product Review" section of this web guide.

Ball Glove ©: A moisture barrier which seals the length of the scrotal hang inside a moisture barrier. This bathes the scrotal sack in shea lotion/butter the entire day. The barrier provides two benefits: 1. Maximal exposure to the benefical effects of the shea moisturizer resulting in increased skin elasticity which directly benefits progress and ultimately the user's end goal. 2. Provides a low relaxed scrotal hang. Scrotal bathing uses this moisture barrier to maintain constant beneficial effects of shea lotion and is used to help keep tight scrotal hangs forced in the relaxed and lowest hanging phase of scrotal hang. Men who have difficulty with tight scrotal tensions should investigate the use of this method. Use this method every 2 or 3 days, increasing until a loose scrotal hang is achieved..

Ball Sack: This is a short hand term for Scrotal Sack. Note the spelling is "Sack" and not "Sac". The author uses this term because it is easier to type, is visually stimulating, and the author believes the scrotal skin does not deserve to be called a "Sac", because spiders and other bugs have sacs for breathing, so certainly a human scrotal skin should be used at the higher level and spelled according to its function. The spelling used in this article and all conversation is "Sack".

Ball Stretcher/ing: 1; (noun) this is a person who is ball-stretching. 2. (Verb) this is also the act of using any of the four defined stretching methods as described in the "Four Methods of Ball-Stretching" chapter. This includes manual stretching, stretching using items such as ponytailers, stretching with leather stretchers, and stretching with metal weights. These methods can be combined in any way together to tailor the stretching feeling for each individual.

Barrier Bag ©: A moisture barrier providing the same benefits as a Ball Glove (listed above). The difference is that the Barrier Bag is made from a plastic sandwich bag and is very cost effective. See Ball Glove above for benefits. .

Bulge: This is the apparent pushing of the genital package which is transferred to pushing out the pant or shorts material. This is obvious in regular fitting dress/casual pants or shorts. This is the "distortion" of a larger than normal genital package as viewed from the front while wearing clothing. See the discussion above under the "Clothing" chapter….tips to make the apparent bulge as small as possible while wearing a set of weights or series of small leather stretchers put together.

Central Line: This is the place where the two halves of the body (including the scrotum) have joined together while being formed within the womb. This is often a very sensitive and highly stimulating place on the scrotal sack. The act of ball stretching stretches this central line (highly stimulating) across a larger area, making the scrotal sack very sensitive.

Cocoa Butter/Lotion: A lotion or butter that helps to prevent stretch marks in the pregnant women's market. It is also useful in ball stretching as a lubricant under the ball weights. The author now suggests the use of Shea butter lotion/butter for lubrication as well as additional stretching and relaxation of the scrotal sack. Cocoa butter helps the skin to stretch, but Shea butter is preferred. Cocoa butter is available in liquid or solid form. The solid butter melts on contact with with warm scrotal skin and is absorbed throughout the day.

Collar: See "Metal Stretcher".

Compressed Testicle: This condition is both acute or chronic. The acute situation appears when the secondary testicle is squeezed so tightly (mostly from wearing too much weight). The warning sign is dull ache from the compressed secondary testicle. Upon examination of the scrotal hang, the lowest weight will appear to sit almost half way down on the secondary testicle while remaining on top of the primary testicle. This means the testicle is slowly squeezed by weight pressure until it pops through the center column of the weights as an escaped testicle. The chronic situation appears when there has been an increasing number of secondary testicle escapes. This is because the testicle has been squeezed so long that it is actually a smaller physical size while under weight stress. The resolution of this condition is abstaining from weights for 15-30 days. This will allow the testicle to regain hydration and repair damages. As the testicle was squeezed, lymph fluid and other body fluids have been completely squeezed out of the testicle which leaves a solid mass of tissue without hydration. Chronic wear of ball weights arranged in the "Funnel Effect" leads to a chronic compressed testicle situation. The author recommends alternating between smaller and larger weight for use in the bottom position of the weights.

Dartos Muscle: The term used to identify the smooth muscle layer within the lining of the scrotal sack. This involuntary muscle contracts and relaxes the scrotal skin. It reacts to stress, emotional distress and temperature. Ideally, the best scrotal sack stretching is done with a fully relaxed scrotal sack (dartos muscle). Since this is an involuntary muscle, we must take steps to pre-empt the contraction of this muscle for the best stretching results. Read more in the "My Testicles Slip Out" chapter, starting in the 5th paragraph.

Dominant Testicle or Primary Testicle: The lowest hanging and largest testicle. 80% of men have a larger and lower hanging left testicle. 20 % of men have a lower and larger hanging right testicle. The higher hanging smaller testicle is the Secondary Testicle. .

Gear: This is a slang term for stretching equipment such as leather stretchers or metal weights.

Half Flush: A method used by those with low hanging testicles so that when they sit on the toilet the testicles do not hang into the water. This process of the half-flush lowers the water level in the bowl to the top of the escape hole. The process is simple; just push the flush lever down slowly until you hear the water start to trickle into the toilet bowl. Stop immediately. Hold still or lift ever so slightly higher. Water will fill the bowl and then flush. When the bowl flushes, immediately let go of the flush handle. Now, the water level has stabilized at the bottom of bowl.

Hair Trail: The slight trail that a hair follicle leaves in the scrotal skin as the skin is stretched and expanded. The trails are invisible in relaxed phase of scrotal tension, and are only visible in half-tight or tight scrotal tensions.

Hang: This refers to the length of scrotal skin between the groin (measured at the intersection of the inner thigh with the top of the ball sack) and the top of the testicles. The intersection of the thigh is also the "bottom" of the body so this placement of measurement is a good one.

Hernia: This is the condition when the abdominal contents have been pushed through a tear in the abdominal wall. The result is a weakened abdominal wall and higher risk for it tearing again. A hernia pinches the intestinal tract and does not allow internal contents to continue to move through the tract in the action of parastolsis.. This is the squeezing and relaxing of individual muscle bundle (sphincters) wrapped around the entire digestional tract. This orchestrated contraction/relaxation of muscle sphincters pump the abdominal contents in one direction for absorption of nutrients in the intestines.

Leather Stretcher: This is a stretching gear that holds a stretch at the same length as the stretcher. It is made of leather and is usually 1", 1.5", 2" 3" 4" 5" but they can also be found in any size length. If the desired length cannot be found, a leather stretcher dealer can be located online (keyword- leather stretcher) or two highly recommended dealers at or These leather dealers will be able to make a custom size for a very reasonable price. 665Leather is in California and Secretleather is in London.

Leisure Time Weights: These are the weights temporarily added to the hang in addition to the permanent weights. Leisure time weights are usually added while in the comfort of the home and are removed before the next work period to minimize the crotch bulge of the added leisure time weight.

Low Hanging: Any pair of loose hanging testicles that extend past the tip of the flaccid penis. This is also the definition of "rantallion".

Metal Stretcher: Also known as a Collar, Metal Collar, Steel Collar, Split Collar, Weight, or Metal Weight. This is in loosest terms a ball-stretching weight that is placed around the top of the testicles and worn there with the purpose of lengthening the scrotal hang or for the pleasures of having something making the testicles hang. They are made by slicing a stainless steel shaft into smaller lengths as desired (such as ½ " 1", 1 ½ " or 2" etc…) and then polished. The edges are rounded to prevent them from cutting the skin. There are two different kinds of metal stretchers. They are the older traditional style (standard weight) and the WMC™ style. The older traditional ball weights have rounded edges; however, these rounded edges are still sharp enough to cause pressure point pain after longer periods of exposure to the metal stretcher. The WMC™ style uses a circular surgical high grade steel rod that is shaped in the form of a circle. It is then highly polished and seamless. This weight is technologically advanced in its design and firmly hugs the contour of the scrotal sack and distributes any weight along all surfaces of the weight. This makes the weight load tolerable 24/7 for many days or even an indefinite time. This weight is essential for those who use a permanent set of metal weights.

Neoprene: A toxic rubbery material out of which many ball stretchers are made. They are good for short term sexual excitement but should not be used as a 24/7 or longer term stretching device. In this case, a leather stretcher is preferred.

New Ringmaster™: A patented weight that is extremely comfortable and works great as a spacer weight between two WMC™ weights. The corners are completely round and makes this weight very comfortable compared to the standard older style ball weights.

Package: A term used to describe the whole genital makeup of testicles and penis put together.

Parachute Stretcher: This looks like a lampshade, with the upper ring held around the top of the balls and three weight chains in three different even places on the lower circle. Weights can be attached to the three weight chains. Many heavy lifting men (5 or more pounds) use this method. This stretcher is typically made out of leather.

Penoscrotal Web: The connective skin web that extends from the base of the penis to the front of the scrotal hang. For most guys, this skin web needs some extra stretching since the scrotal sack will often pull up as the penis is in an erect upwards position. Stretching exercise No. 6 was designed to stretch this skin web.

Permanent Weights: Metal weights that are constantly attached to the scrotal hang over weeks and months. Typically the length of permanent hangs can't exceed 3 inches without displaying a bulge. 2 ½ inches is optimal.

Pressure Circle/Ring/Point: This is the irritated skin that is compressed when a leather stretcher is wrapped around the scrotal hang and applies pressure to the groin area. This pressure circle is where blood circulation was stopped. A pressure circle also occurs when traditional style metal weights are worn. The inside corners of the weight restrict blood and nerve flow. The use of WMC weights in either the bottom lowest position of the weight placement, or the highest place on the scrotal hang. In either position, the pressure circle will no longer occur.

Primary Testicle: The lowest hanging and largest testicle on a man. 80% of the male population have a primary left testicle and a secondary right testicle---meaning a lower and larger left testicle, a higher and smaller right testicle. 20% of men have a lower hanging and larger right testicle.

Pumping: The act of placing the genitals (penis only, scrotal sack only, or both) into a vacuum tube and pumping the air out of the tube which forces a swelling and expands the size of the genitals temporarily. It may have beneficial stretching potential. The author has no experience with this activity.

Rantallion: Any man with a pair of loose hanging testicles that hang lower than the tip of his flaccid penis. This is also the definition of "Low Hanging".

Saline Injection: The injection of saline into the scrotal sack to make it appear larger. This lasts only temporarily, but may have some stretching benefit. The author has no experience with this activity.

Sack: See "Ball Sack".

Scrotal Bathing: A technique used to help promote the lowest hanging completely relaxed phase of scrotal tension, the most comfortable phase of scrotal tension. This technique uses the Ball Barrier or Ball Glove methods. See Ball Barrier or Ball Glove.

Scrotal Hang: 1. The distance from the intersection of the inner thigh and the top of the scrotal sack to the bottom portion of the loose hanging testicles. 2. This may also describe the scrotum and internal structures as whole complete unit.

Scrotal Length: This refers to the length of the scrotal hang from the intersection of the inner thigh and the top of the ball sack downward to the bottom of the testicles. Notice that "Length" refers to measurement including the balls and "Hang" refers to measurement to the top of the balls only. See also "Hang Length" or "Sack Length".

Scrotal Sack: A more precise term than "Scrotal Hang", but it describes the same thing. This refers to the scrotum and internal structures as a whole.

Secondary Testicle: The higher hanging and smaller testicle in the scrotal sack. 80% of men have a higher and smaller right testicle, and 20% of men have a higher and smaller left testicle.

Shea Butter/Lotion: The best butter/lotion for use on the scrotal sack. This ointment relaxes the muscles within the lining of the scrotal sack as well as providing lubrication between the scrotal surface and the surface of the leather stretcher or metal weight. The lotion is available from manufacturers such as Palmers™ or Jergens™. makes a triple combination of shea butter, shea oil and cocoa butter in a secret but effective concentration of each ingredient. This butter melts on the surface of the scrotal sack immediately, and is absorbed into the skin. The cocoa butter ingredient assures maximum lubrication for comfortable wear through the entire day.

Skin Web: Any portion of skin that forms a web like appearance when the scrotal sack is hanging loose and low and it's attachment to the groin forms a web. Specifically, it addresses the skin web that is formed between the upper formation of the ball sack and the base of the penis. This web is stretched in the author's skin stretching exercise No. 6. The penoscrotal skin web extends from the base of the penis to the front of the scrotal hang. The anal web is the smaller skin web on the back side of the scrotal hang.

Shaft Collar: This is a split collar that is meant to hold an industrial steel shaft in place. This collar is meant for an industrial application but many users have used this as a metal stretcher. The corners are sharp and can cause pain quickly unless they are filed down to a rounded shape. These collars are considerably less expensive than dedicated steel weights. However the user will have to hone the corners down him-self in order to make the weight useful on the scrotal hang.

Shea: This is a lotion or butter form of the oil from the shea nut. It relaxes the scrotal skin as it is absorbed into the skin. This oil also makes the skin more elastic and more available to the stretching stimulus. Secretleather sells a triple combination of ingredients in a home made recipe that gives excellent results and pure ingredients. Shea lotions are less pure, but they still relax the scrotal sack and make it more available to the stretching stimulus.

Split Collar, Steel Collar, Steel Weight: See "Metal Stretcher".

Standard Weight: A ball weight with the standard specifications. This weight is made by cutting a metallic shaft into pieces into standard lengths such as ½ inch, 1 inch, 1 ½ inch, or 2 inches. The sharp corners are then rounded off so they are not sharp. Although the corners are rounded, they can still cause pressure points after prolonged wear. The interior of the weight (composition of the original metallic shaft) can be solid brass, stainless steel, or surgical steel. Brass weights are plated with chrome to avoid direct contact with the brass. When the chrome wears away, brass is exposed and the weight should not be used.

Stretch: 1. (noun) see "Scrotal Hang". 2. (Verb) this is the intentional pulling of the scrotal hang in opposite directions.

Tightness Multiplier: A decimal point number that is used to determine how tight the WMC or other metal ball weights should be. The reason for a tightness multiplier is that the ball sack measurement is the actual measure of the central diameter inside the metal ball weight. An additional thickness, measured from the center of the ball weight to the edge of the metal weight must be accounted for. This tightness multiplier will determine the actual diameter that the scrotal hang comes into contact with…not the center of the metal weight but rather the edge of the inside weight. Please see the chapter regarding "Measuring for a Steel Weight".

Upper (or top) formation of the ball sack: This is the position that the sack and the groin join together as seen completely around the top of the ball sack. This is the most common point for pressure points to occur with tight leather stretchers.

Weighted Stretcher: Typically a leather stretcher available in various lengths that have lead pellet pouches around the outside of the stretcher. This acts as a weight as well as a stretching mechanism.

WMC™: Secretleather's patented most comfortable, most technologically advanced high precision weight. It hugs the contours of the scrotal sack in perfect comfort. Use this weight for the best and fastest results. It should be a requirement for every ball stretcher's wardrobe. They are only available from WMC™= "World's Most Comfortable"©.