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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Products Review: Secretleather's Best-Selling Gear

It's no secret why Secretleather has become a world leader with its complete line of ball-stretching gear. The company has built their stellar reputation with fast order turnaround, unsurpassed customer service, and stocking only the best quality highest precision products available anywhere in the world. If the company receives a stock shipment with mediocre merchandise quality, the merchandise is promptly returned because Secretleather only sells top-notch quality items. The author is personally aware of this, and he applauds the company for their adherence to the highest standards even in a difficult economy. Secretleather believes in high quality and ultimate comfort in their products, having faith the customer base will continue to grow by sticking to these guidelines. The high comfort means the products can be worn for long periods of time, providing long sessions of stretching stimulus to the scrotal sack. Longer wear equates to faster progress, and ultimately your complete customer satisfaction as your stretching goal arrives. Are you planning on making a purchase soon? The author urges that you plan accordingly and make your purchase from Secretleather, the world's leader in high quality stretching gear.

This chapter will review some of Secretleather's best-selling gear: the WMC weight, Sheacoa Butter, and the newest addition to the line of metal weights: the Ball Forcer. The Ball-Rack leather stretcher will be included in this review in a future update, coming soon.

The WMC ® Weight (World's Most Comfortable):

Secretleather has rocked the planet with the invention and introduction of the WMC ball weight. This weight is the most technologically advanced weight style because it does not have angular corners on the inside central bore of the weight: the ring of steel making the weight is completely round. With no corners pressing and digging into the scrotal skin, this weight is the ultimate in comfort! Ultimate comfort means a maximum wearing time, and a maximum in scrotal stretching. The surgical stainless steel making up the weight means it can be worn in the shower, sauna, swimming pool, hot tub, and all other places the sack hang could be exposed to moisture. This means the weight can be worn indefinitely, only needing an occasional cleaning between the weight halves. Ultimate wear-ability equates to long term wear and progress towards your stretching goal. Throughout this web guide, the reader will find unending praises for this technologically advanced ball weight.

The WMC weight comes in two heights: 15mm height and 30mm height. The 15mm height weights are around 8oz in weight, while the 30mm height are around 16oz in weight. Most beginners will find the 15mm height weight to be perfect for their initial few steps in our art. The beginner will immediately find the weight to be perfectly comfortable and should wear the weight as close to 24/7 as possible, and the weight fits well inside underwear under normal clothing for wear while at work or out in public. The composition of the surgical stainless steel weight means the user is guaranteed a lifetime of wear with this unique weight. After about 8-12 weeks of stretching using a single 15mm, the beginner stretcher can then consider adding a second 15mm height WMC wearing both weights about 8 hours and then the single weight for overnight use. Little by little, time exposure with both weights can increase. At this point, the new stretcher can begin following the "Graded Method of Progress" chapter of this web guide.

The 30mm height WMC is a good starting weight for men who already have a 2 inch or longer scrotal hang between the groin and top of the testicles. This weight is also a good alternative for guys who started with a single 15mm weight, since it can be used alone as the next step at 30mm in height for 8-12 weeks. After that, the user can begin trying to wear their existing 15mm WMC along with the 30mm WMC for a total of 45mm in weight height and 24oz in weight. A combination of 15mm WMCs and 30mm WMCs are perfect for the more advanced users, reserving comfort for unlimited wear and stretch. Please see the "Measuring for a Steel Weight" chapter for specific directions on how to measure your scrotal sack for one of these unique and perfect ball weights.

The author HIGHLY recommends the use of WMC weights for beginners due to its comfortable fit. This means new users will have motivation and desire to keep stretching, and will realize their stretching goal is possible and attainable. Advanced users will note the use of a WMC as the lowest weight positioned above the testicles. This guarantees comfort for up to 3 pounds of weight. A funnel effect use of dual WMCs carrying the weight load will help for those who enjoy wearing 3 or more pounds of weight on their scrotal hang. Again, the total comfort means the user will keep working toward their stretching goal.

A photo of the two WMC style weights in use will be included in a future update, coming soon.

Secretleather's own Sheacoa Brand Butter:

In the quest for a low relaxed scrotal hang that is most beneficial for stretching, many men are now using the moisture barrier techniques described in "The Preservation of Lotion and Butters" chapter. A few men have developed an acquired skin allergy to the alcohol contained in these commercial shea butter lotions. The skin allergy appears as if the sack hang were scaly, completely dried out and cracking. These men should not give up on the benefits of the moisture barrier idea, rather, they should use Secretleather's Sheacoa butter as the lubricant and skin conditioner inside the moisture barrier for an allergy-free experience.

Secretleather's Sheacoa butter is a trio of pure ingredients obtained directly from the source in Africa. These ingredients are shea butter, shea oil, and cocoa butter. Nothing else is added, preserving the purity. The shea butter relaxes the scrotal sack skin, and increases its stretching elasticity. The cocoa butter acts as a long lasting lubricant that stays with the skin all day long. These ingredients are combined together in a secret concentration to yield a buttery product that melts easily and effectively on the skin surface, and is also easy to massage throughout the sack skin.

Don't let the daily lubrication of the sack skin become a chore, rather enjoy the smooth satin quality the skin develops with continued use of the Sheacoa butter. Many men using Sheacoa butter have expressed amazement at how soft, supple, satin-y and erotic their sack skin has become. The scrotal sack is a treasure-trove of erotic sensation possibilities, let the mind wander freely as the satin-y buttery Sheacoa butter is massaged over the entire scrotal hang. Due to the high purity of this product, skin allergy is very very rare. This is the perfect product for skin conditioning and lubrication for extended exposure times that are used in the Moisture Barrier method. The author has not yet heard of a single complaint from users of this truly uniquely formulated butter. Remember, Sheacoa was formulated and developed by Secretleather specifically for ball-stretching purposes.

Morning applications should be made after bathing/showering while the sack skin is warm and relaxed. Warmth helps to readily melt the solid butter as it is massaged throughout the scrotal sack. A second application can be made before bed so the weights are well lubricated during the night to accommodate the regular tightening and relaxing cycles of the scrotal skin. For users who are regular dedicated stretchers working and enjoying the journey towards their stretching goal, three jars of Sheacoa butter will last one year. Consider ordering the year's supply and save on the shipping costs..

Sheacoa Butter is the perfect lubricant for use for all men engaged in ball stretching, especially for those using the Moisture Barrier method for scrotal relaxation. If the butter can calm and heal skin allergies, imagine how soft loose and relaxed your scrotum will hang using this butter. The author highly recommends the use of the purest ingredients, so by all means use this amazing Sheacoa butter. Secretleather sells Sheacoa butter in pocket-sized containers that can be taken with you during the day as well as full sized jars. It also comes in branded jars or unbranded for those who value their privacy.

The "Ball Forcer" Complete Stretching System:

Secretleather's new (spring 2011) "Ball Forcer" system is an exciting alternative to using only weights or leather stretchers. This revolutionary system is based on two WMC weights held at various distances apart with stainless steel rods. Six stainless steel rods of increasing lengths will hold the weights apart at distances between 55mm through 110mm. Additional rod lengths can be special ordered through Secretleather. Click here for a video demonstrating the Ball Forcer.

Men new to stretching should consider the simplicity and completeness of this system. Although the price seems high initially, consider what is included. The Ball Forcer consists of two WMC weights and six steel rods. The completeness of this system means that nothing else needs to be purchased or added to the system, so the initial purchase price will get new users set and going for at least 3 years of non-stop stretching. After 3 years or so using this system, the scrotal hang will be long enough so that longer rod lengths can be used, or additional weights can be worn directly above the testicles with the Ball Forcer system worn above. The possibilities with this system are endless!

The Ball Forcer stretches the scrotal sack in two phases. The first phase will develop an initial stretch. New users will wear the first WMC weight alone for 8-12 weeks as close to 24/7 as possible. As the sack skin begins to stretch, more room will appear between the groin and testicles. After 8-12 weeks, the second WMC weight can be added to the scrotal hang for a total of 30mm and 16oz of weight. As the scrotal hang stretches even further, the second phase of lengthwise stretching can begin with the use of rods holding the weights at preset distances apart. This is when lengthwise stretching as well as weighted stretching will occur simultaneously.

Wearing the Ball Forcer is an experience in ultimate comfort as well as an erotic thrill. With a rod in place engaging a maximum stretch, the WMC weights positioned at the top of the sack and above the testicles guarantee comfort. The scrotal sack is exposed between the WMC weights, so massaging shea lotion on the entire sack is quite easy. Also, the exposed sack hang is available to erotic stimuli since the scrotum its self is a great source for erotic exposure. Once the WMC weights are in place, they only need to be removed occasionally for cleaning between the weight halves. Washing only need be done by rinsing the scrotal hang and weights in the shower stream while showering. This means the Ball Forcer is also convenient, since the WMC weights can be worn for long lengths of time without removal. With the WMC weights constantly available, any length rod may be used to stretch the sack to the desired length. The two WMC weights can easily be concealed in a pair of tight brief underwear while the user is at work or social functions. When on leisure time, the sack and two WMC weights can be pulled through the front flap and allowed to hang freely out of the underwear at which time the desired Ball Forcer rods can be used. This is a very convenient stretching system. Its convenience coupled with ultimate comfort will guarantee you will continue and follow through with your stretching plan so that you have the best chance at reaching your scrotal sack hang length. New users, welcome to our Art!

Typically, after 3 years of dedicated stretching, the user will have a sack length long enough so that longer rods may be special ordered. Also always remember an independent WMC weight may be worn above the testicles with the Ball Forcer placed above on the sack hang. This will diminish the length the Ball Forcer must stretch so that existing rods can continue to be used. Yes, the Ball Forcer is expensive, but the value of the system extends over a number of years. The convenience, comfort, and guaranteed follow through of your stretching goal is worthy of this investment in yourself.

A photo of the Ball-Forcer in use on a long scrotal hang will be included at this point in a future update, coming soon!

The "Ball Rack" Leather Stretcher:

This exciting and uniquely designed leather stretcher will be included at this place in the web guide in a future update, coming soon - meantime click here for a video showing it.