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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Clothing: What to Wear and How to Wear

Wearing leather stretchers and metal weights is fun, exciting, addictive, thrilling, erotic as well as pleasurable. Ideally, one should wear leather stretchers as long as possible, perhaps up to 18 hours a day or more as long as the comfort level is maintained. Metal weights can be worn indefinitely; for days, weeks, or even months. Metal weights need to be removed periodically for cleaning but practically speaking metal weights can be a permanent addition to one's body. They also enhance the visual appearance of the genital package for sexual partners as well as those who use locker rooms, community showers and gyms across the world.

Men who have big scrotal sacks will find that it is more difficult to wear stretchers or weights and at the same time maintain a conservative visual appearance between the legs. In other words, those with large sacks who enjoy wearing weights or stretchers may find it difficult (at 3 ½ inches or longer) to hide these items without creating an attention grabbing bulge in the crotch. Those with large scrotal sacks will typically find it somewhat easy to hide it in traditional boxers or brief style underwear as long they are NOT wearing weights or stretchers. However, the addition of a weight to a large scrotal sack means the weight will hang at the sack's lowest point and when wearing traditional office clothing, a crotch bulge will appear and hang down the inside of one leg. A maximum length of three (perhaps 3 ½) inches of metal weights or leather stretcher can be worn in the crotch of casual or dress attire without an obscenely large bulge.

This chapter will describe the best clothing to wear for those with long scrotal hangs, as well as how to hide a large scrotal sack wearing permanent weights in everyday office style clothing. If you are having a lot of success in wearing clothing and weights/stretchers the author will enjoy hearing from you and perhaps add your technique to this article. This section of the article is what the author has determined as successful with weights and clothing and a lot of experimentation.

How to Wear: The easiest way to live with long scrotal hangs and wear permanent weights is as follows: 1) do nothing, 2) compensate for office/dress clothing styles for work or a formal occasion, 3) change at home leisure-time clothing styles, or 4) alter the scrotal hang in some way to accommodate tighter pant styles. Also, at the end of this chapter is an example of an ideal wardrobe and setup for weight users. Here, the author will reveal his most comfortable clothing and weight setup for year round use. Its a practical clothing guide for a busy professional man.

1. Do nothing. If the user does not mind a displaying a long swinging scrotal sack when wearing permanent and leisure time weights while in public, then truly nothing needs to be done. Some men enjoy the attention and exhibitionism this seems to provide for them. The biggest advantage in doing nothing is that the hang enjoys full and uninhibited movement in the shorts/pants with the weights exposed to the full effects of gravity. In other words, it's maximum hang for maximum time.

For those who wear leather stretchers or weights with long scrotal hangs, doing nothing seems to be the easiest; however, the challenge is not doing something internally such as changing clothing styles or inhibiting the hang. Rather, the challenge is how to plan ahead and preempt others from direct view of the crotch. In doing this, a plan for each trip outside the house needs to be created. This will typically involve getting from the house to the car, from the car to the destination, interactions with people at the destination, getting from the destination to the car, and getting from the car to the house. Here, the author will offer two examples of how he does nothing to alter his 4 ½ inches of metal weights with a full hang at 8 ½ inches and yet spend several hours outside the house in the presence of the general public. The purpose here is not to simply give directions on how to go to the store or the gym but rather it is intended to trigger ideas in the mind of the reader for ways in which they can use some ideas in these examples in their daily lives.

Example 1- A trip to the grocery store, department store or shopping mall with a full hang: Getting from the house to the car is easy and is as simple as holding something over the crotch area when walking from the house to the car. Simply carrying an open shirt draping it over the crotch area and this situation is solved. Any object can be carried and placed over the crotch such as a gym bag, daytime planner, brief case, computer bag, etc. When arriving at the store, plan the parking spot ahead of time. Find a parking place somewhere near the cart corral or park near an abandoned shopping cart. Grab a shopping cart in the parking lot and push it into the store with you. This will hide the crotch area from others. While in the store, keep pushing the shopping cart ahead of your crotch. Brief excursions from the safety of the shopping cart to nearby items can be planned depending on the concentration of other shoppers in the area. At the checkout, the bulge will be hidden from view by the checkout counter. Pack the purchases into plastic bags with handles; this will serve as your hiding place when going from the car into the house. After the purchase, push the cart ahead of you again back into the parking lot. Load the purchases into the car, then leave the shopping cart right next to the car and drive to your next destination. When carrying your purchases from the car to the house, carry one plastic bag from the handles in front of you which will hide the crotch area. If there were no purchases at the store then the open shirt, gym bag, daytime planner, brief case, computer bag or whatever is still available to carry in front of the crotch on your way from the car into the house. If the destination includes multiple stores such as a shopping mall, any bag of purchases (as long as it has handles) can serve as your camouflage. Simply hold one bag over the crotch when going from store to store.

Example 2- Going to the gym with a full hang: This example will detail how to wear a full 4 ½ inches of stainless steel weight and at the same time make a visit to the gym, do the work out, and return home safely. First, pack the gym bag. Plan to wear your workout clothes to the gym. This includes workout comfortable shorts as well as tight underwear which will support the full 4 ½ inches of weights during the workout. At this point don't worry if the gym shorts do not hide the free hanging sack wearing the stainless steel weights. If it is wintertime, plan to wear a pair of loose fitting athletic pants over the workout shorts (as well as a warm coat!) while outside in the cold air. Before leaving the house, allow the scrotal sack and weights to hang out one side of the tight underwear. A long hang cannot simply be pushed down flat inside the underwear because the testicles will be pushed so far back that it is impossible to sit down. When leaving the house, hold the gym bag over the crotch area to hide the long dangling swinging ball sack and weights. When in the car, the hang can extend down one leg so that it is possible to sit and drive the car to the gym. When getting out of the car to enter the gym, carry the gym bag over the crotch area once again as security is passed and as you walk past the other people in the gym. In the locker room, sit the gym bag on the bench and when no one is looking, adjust the hang by positioning the hang back and pulling it sideways into the underwear through the leg hole so that it now extends downward inside the tight underwear. The testicles will be extended past the inside of the legs and hover near the tailbone. The practical limit to how far the hang can extend downward through the legs to the tailbone is about 5 inches. Anything longer and the testicles will appear as a bulge from the rear. Since there is usually no need to sit down during a workout, this will be fine. The tight underwear will hold the weight of the hang up against the body and the athlete will appear to have a normal crotch and not attract unwanted attention. Before entering the gym floor, pull the underwear's waist band up slightly higher than the waistband of the gym shorts and tighten pull string so that the underwear is kept up high and tight to support the hang. The tight pull string will hold the underwear and scrotal sack up high during the workout. After the workout in the locker room, change into athletic pants (wintertime) or shorts (summertime). Don't worry about underwear; let the hang swing and dangle again inside the clothes. Remember it will need to extend down one leg in order to sit and drive the car. Changing from gym clothes to regular clothes can be done in the privacy of the shower changing area or men's stall if there is concern about who may see the hang and attached weights. The gym bag will again serve as the means to hide the swinging hang as you make an exit from the gym to the car. When driving home, let the hang extend down one leg. Again, use the gym bag to hide the crotch area when going from the car to the house.

2. Compensating for a bulge in office/dress style clothing while at work or a formal occasion: The author has discovered that wearing leather stretchers in a confined place such as tight underwear is difficult due to pressure point pain. It is also difficult to wear an entire 4 ½ inches of metal weights (and a 8 ½ inch total hang) while free-balling in office dress attire. In this situation, reducing the weight to 32 oz. or less may be helpful. However due to the length of the sack this may also be difficult to hide. Wearing office dress attire pants or slacks one waist size larger (for example a 32 inch waist would wear 34 inch waist pants) can give the upper pant leg and crotch area more room to help hide the weight. If the user finds that this does not work, then the weights will have to be held up close to the groin so that they do not hang down one of the pant legs. This is much more convenient that removing the weights each morning before work. The philosophy being used here is one of preservation of permanent weights. One or more weights may need to come off to reduce the length of the bulge. Weights that stay on are considered permanent, and those that are removed daily before work are considered leisure-time weights. When deciding which weights to remove and which ones to keep on the scrotal hang, remove the longest weight first. Usually this is enough to reduce the hang to a manageable level for the underwear to manage. Also, it means simplicity in that only one weight needs to be removed. Shorter weights will wear better in tight underwear than longer weights because they can angle themselves at the "joint" much like the vertebrae in the spine. Recall that short leather stretchers can also be worn on the scrotal hang and they will bend and angle themselves at each joint where two stretchers come together. A series of shorter length weights, just as with leather stretchers, will hide better than one single weight of the same length.

At 4 ½ inches of metal weight length, simply pointing the hang down the inside of underwear will make the testicles rest near the tailbone and sitting down will be impossible. The only solution is to wear very tight underwear and remove the longest weight from the scrotal hang to reduce the bulge to something that the front pouch of the underwear can manage. For the author, this means reducing the weight length from 4 ½ inches down to about 2 ½ to 3 inches.

When getting ready for work, take a hot shower and do some stretching exercises as is your normal routine. At this point, the author is still wearing all 4 ½ inches of weights from his overnight sleep. Before leaving for work, remove the longest weight(s) and then apply lubrication (shea lotion or butter) as described in the previous "How to Wear" section of the chapter.

Getting dressed for work with the 2 ½ - 3 inch hang is easier. However, the hang needs to be hidden in the front pouch of the tight brief style underwear. Before starting the dressing routine, make an application of shea lotion/butter. It is the personal style of the author to hold off putting underwear and pants on until the last step in order to let the shea lotion/butter absorb into the skin without being rubbed off right away by clothing. First, put on the socks and shirt as well as finish any bathroom steps such as brushing the teeth, a final fix of the hair and final bathroom break then put on the brief style underwear.

Hiding the scrotal hang with weights inside the underwear: Before putting on the underwear, make sure the permanent weights on the scrotal hang are fully lubricated with shea lotion/butter. This application of shea lotion/butter will need to last until work is finished......However, a small bottle of shea lotion/butter can be brought to work for some additional applications if pressure point pain is felt until the work day is finished.

The permanent weights and scrotal hang will be hidden in the front portion of the tight brief style underwear. The position of the scrotum surrounding the testicles is important. Give ample room for the testicles to move inside the scrotum while confined to the tight underwear. Also, the position of the testicles is very important. Usually, when the testicles are first placed in the underwear they are somewhat tight or half-tight. As the scrotal sack relaxes during the work day, they will change positions several times floating in the large amount of scrotal skin pulled down from the weights while being held up high within the tight style underwear.

The author uses the following two methods for hiding and securing the testicles and ball weights within the front portion of brief/Jockey™ style underwear. The first method is faster and has less chance of the testicles moving out of the most ideal placement within the underwear. The second method is more difficult to learn but once the steps are memorized it can be accomplished within 15 seconds. The author suggests trying both methods. These methods are both comfortable for up to 3 inches of metal weight length. The most comfortable weight length ranges from 1 to 2 ½ inches.

Method 1:

In this method, the scrotal hang will again be hidden in the front compartment of tight style brief underwear. However, the scrotal hang will be placed between the two layers of cloth that make up the fly compartment. This is where the penis is pulled through in order to urinate without removing the underwear while at the urinal. With the scrotal hang inserted into this compartment, the hang stays stable and firm all day long. The only draw back with this method for those with 3 or more inches of metal weights-the weights sometimes gravitate to the lowest position and the testicles can get pushed too low within the compartment and this makes sitting down painful since the testicles are then squished. If this happens, a short trip to the men's room is all that is needed to again pull the testicles and weights upwards again, with the right testicle hovering closest to the escape hole. The following steps can be taken to place the testicles and weights within this underwear compartment.

A. Turn the underwear inside out. Notice the inside seam that comes together on the inside left leg hole of the underwear. Take the inside flap of the escape hole in one hand and hold the leg hole with the other hand. Rip the inside flap straight down along the inside seam of the left leg hole until it reaches the back horizontal underwear seam that intersects at a 90 degree angle. This photo shows two pair of underwear. The one on the left side is unaltered, the one on the right side has the indicated rip (pencil tip) which expands the inside flap hole of the underwear. Remember, these two underwear are pictured INSIDE OUT. The seam to rip, NOT when inside out but when the underwear is in normal wearing position is the bottom of the inside flap. Do NOT rip the bottom of the outside flap. This will cause the balls to fall most of the time. Picture

B Let the genitals hang freely through the expanded frontal underwear opening. Click here for a photo illustration.

C. With one hand, pull straight forward on the balls. Grasp the balls with the "OK" sigh between the thumb and forefinger and pull the balls straight forward. Then, pull the weights back toward the body to give the testicles as much room inside the scrotal skin as possible. Click here for an illustration.

D. Pull the penis, weights and testicles through the outside escape hole flap towards the inside of the underwear. Rest the testicles against this external escape hole flap right where the inside escape hole flap used to join to the left leg seam. Most of the time, the right testicle will stay in this stable position. Sometimes, half of the right testicle may stick past the external underwear escape flap but typically it will not escape entirely through the flap. Sometimes, such as getting into or out of a car, both testicles may be pushed through and past the external escape flap. In this case, the weights and testicles will hang freely out the escape hole. If this happens, simply visit the men's room and make adjustments by replacing the scrotal hang back between the inside and outside escape hole underwear flaps. The picture on the left shows the ideal placement of the testicles. The picture on the right shows the how the weights and testicles may sink lower inside this underwear compartment and get squeezed if the user were to sit down. If this happens, just pull the weights and testicles back up and reposition them as in the left picture. Click here for the two comparison photos.

The tearing of the bottom of the inside flap on brief style underwear allows the inside flap to open up inside and allow all the genitals to be constrained only by the outside flap. This makes more room inside the underwear pouch, which is made even roomier with the slight stretching that the cotton fabric does when the full genital load plus weights are placed upon it. The right testicle may sit on the seam cusp at the junction of the outside lower flap with the right underwear seam. Usually, this is a stable position even when the right testicle is so close to the edge. For some it may feel as if the balls are going to jump out. This is a normal sensation. In this position, the right third of the scrotal sack is left to exposure of feeling and sensation. This can be enjoyable such as while walking, climbing stairs, anytime where some portion of the leg or pant material rubs on the exposed right third of the sack. The penis may be placed forward into the pouch and will ride between and above the testicles. The penis can also be held by the underwear when placed left or right within the main underwear compartment.

What do you do now? Go to Walmart, Target, or any other department store and buy a pack of men's briefs. Jockey™ briefs are especially roomy. The underwear need not be expensive. Hanes™ (the author's preference) or Fruit of the Loom™ underwear are usually sold in 3 packs at around $7 for each pack. Inexpensive briefs like these are quite adequate. Feel free to experiment with different rip lengths on the underwear. Some men may need a longer than 2 inch rip (large genital package). Most men feel confident wearing a 2 inch rip or less.

Method 2:

This method is simply the most stable and most reliable method of wearing the hang supported by brief style underwear. This method uses a doubling of the number of briefs worn. Both briefs worn should be torn in the same way as in Method 1 printed above. The benefits of this method is that when used with the thin dress sock (described in Non-Standard Items chapter), the sack hang with weights up to 3½ inches can be worn with perfect stability, support, and only the need to adjust every four hours, with up to 2 hours of sitting in one position before slight pinching occurs. Another benefit is that the support of the sack and weights lasts all day without sagging. Sagging underwear hangs low and loose with a high risk for the testicles and weights dropping out of the underwear altogether. Also, warmth is conserved and the clank of the weights on the hang is silenced. With dual underwear and sock, stability is maintained allowing full concentration on the job or other tasks that need attention. The testicles will remain gently but firmly held in place by the dual underwear system.

The following two pictures demonstrate the large sack room for two pair of random underwear right out of the clothes dryer. This means they have a lot of stretching and ability to be molded into a support system. With the wider expanse of the available crotch room, this dual system is fantastic for guys with large testicles or guys wearing up to 3½ inches of weights. In both pair of underwear, they should be worn with the inside flap leading edge touching the opposite outside leading edge flap. This is somewhat unstable in a single pair of underwear, but with dual underwear and with the 100% friction of the cloth sock worn over the genital hang, this is very stable.

Click here for picture plate

  1. Apply thin sock to scrotal hang as in the directions under Non-Standard Items: Socks.
  2. Pull on the first pair (inside pair) of underwear and place the hang on the left side so the weight will bear down on the inside of the front flap. Once the 2nd pair of underwear is on, the position of the balls and weights usually needs a light lifting (in step 4) with this adjustment able to be performed while fully clothed.Click here to view underwear and hang placement: Click here to view underwear and hang placement:
  3. Pull on the second pair (outside pair) of underwear and place the hang position of the inside underwear in the same position as previously placed in the inside pair. Click here for photo.
  4. Your final ball sack and weight position will need a slight adjustment tuck going in an upward direction. Another way to imagine this is moving the right testicle's X-Axis 30 degrees counterclockwise. This can also be accomplished with an external tuck and lift while fully clothed or by reaching into the hang compartment of the dual underwear and carefully pulling the sack skin upwards so the right testicle is not pushed downwards when the crotch gets tight. If the right testicle is pushed downwards, it will get squeezed however pushed upwards there is ample room for it to lie.

Some have asked regarding wearing bare weights without a sock using this method. The author has experienced two hours of comfort and after that time span there is moderate painful pinching. If you're able to adjust more frequently then this method would work with bare weights. The peace of mind that comes with this dual underwear method combined with a scrotal hang inside an elastic dress sock makes this method (dual underwear plus scrotal sock) the best choice.

This placement method works well for those who sit in office chairs for long periods of time as well as for musicians who play while seated. When sitting down, hold the left hand fingers 4 3 2 (middle 3 fingers) against the bottom side of the sack at the same time as sitting one's self in the office chair or bench. Once seated, these three fingers can again give a firm gentle push upwards to bring the ball sack and weights aimed up towards the hip. Upon standing, the ball sack will be positioned in line with the hip so there will be a slightly odd bulge until things are allowed to fall back into place immediately with gravity and motion.

What do you do now? Get to a dollar store and buy some ponytailers. They stock the puffy stretchy kind which gives the best results. Put a couple ponytailers on the hang. At home find some old dress socks that have the heel wearing through and cut off the leg at the ankle. Wear the sock leg on the hang as described above. Benefits are preservation of warmth for a loose sack, helps keep the lotion/butter from rubbing off, silencing of the clank on the weights, and rock solid support and placement in the underwear.

The following three pictures show the dual underwear support method in use when wearing Levi's Dockers dress pants. Click here to view.

Despite this intentional positioning, sometimes the testicles and weights still gravitate to the opposite side when exposed to the constant stimulation of a long walk, getting in or out of a car or walking up or down a flight of stairs. To keep the testicles in perfect alignment, the author sometimes holds his crotch and hang in place with one hand such as when getting in or out of a car or running up the stairs away from the presence of others.

Sometimes the lower testicle will find its way beneath the higher testicle in the underwear. When this happens, a bulge is usually visible on the higher testicle side and escape of the testicles out the underwear leg hole is more likely. When this happens, simply visit the men's stall and reposition the testicles once again. Sometimes several attempts need to be made in the positioning of the testicles until the most comfortable place is found.

The author has discovered that by placing the testicles in the proper vertical and horizontal alignment and then providing exposure to movement will allow the scrotal placement to find a natural equilibrium which is the most stable position inside the underwear. Providing exposure to movement while in the men's stall is best accomplished by 4 - 7 gentle doggy-style thrusts of the pelvis in fast frequency. Miraculously, the testicles find their position and then remain stable several hours in perfect comfort. In this case if the testicles find themselves in the wrong position, readjustment are immediately possible…followed by the doggy-style thrusts again. Keep trying until the testicles are in perfect position. Usually one doggy-style thrust cycle is enough to find perfect wearing position of the scrotal sack. The photo in item "F" above illustrates the correct position of the testicles at the far right position within the underwear (lower left testicle means right side).

What to Wear to the Office: Expensive clothing is not required for successful dressing for the office while wearing the permanent weights. The author has had excellent experiences with Levi's flat-front Docker™ dress slacks or the standard Docker™ flat front pants. Arizona Jeans™ flat front kaki style pants also work well in this situation. Pleat style dress pants may offer slightly more frontal crotch room. Wearing the pants/slacks in a loose style will guarantee that any pant/slacks should fit properly without any difficulties. The above method of testicle placement within tight underwear will even accommodate tighter pant styles and even tighter fitting jeans. A very mild but respectable bulge may appear, but it will be socially acceptable.

Wear supportive underwear: This method of positioning the testicles within the underwear works very well when wearing jeans or casual pant styles as well. The underwear need not be expensive either, with excellent results using Fruit of the Loom™ or Hanes™ white briefs. The underwear needs to be very tight in order to support the permanent weights in the pouch. Underwear with a waist size about 2 - 4 inches smaller than actual waist size works brilliantly with much support and minimal adjustments for the entire work day. Jockey style underwear also works very well since it has quite a bit of support and tight leg bands which will be especially helpful in keeping the testicles and weights from slipping through the leg hole.

3. Change at home leisure-time clothing styles: At-home off-work leisure time is the best time for maximum scrotal hang with leather stretchers and/or exposure to the permanent and additional leisure time weight(s). In order to have this maximal hang time, suitable clothing needs to be worn in the form of traditional athletic pants or shorts -- without underwear.

Leisure time- What to Wear: In wintertime, leisure time stretching is best accomplished wearing loose fitting athletic pants. In the summertime, leisure time stretching is best done with athletic track or basketball style shorts. The name brand is not important, rather, having lots of crotch room for the hang to dangle and swing is the most important. The author has had excellent experiences with inexpensive Wal-Mart Starter™ brand athletic pants and shorts as well as Energy Zone®, Adidas™, Nike™, Champion™ and other national brands

Caution must be used with respect to colors and materials. Colors that are dark (black, dark blue, dark red, dark green, etc.) tend to hide a lot of the hanging dangling and swinging motion that a long scrotal hang generates. Lighter colors (gray, white, light blue, light red) seem to highlight movement in the crotch area and should be avoided if this is important to the user. White is almost a see-through color and should be avoided.

Materials vary widely in athletic pants and shorts. A single layer of nylon cloth in track style shorts gives the most movement, however, when outside on a windy day the outline of the penis and scrotal hang are immediately visible to others-loose fitting boxer underwear will help diminish this effect. Mesh material also works very well, but it should be in multiple layers of two or more. A single and sometimes double layer of mesh material will allow the brightly polished metallic finish of the weights to reflect through the material-in this case loose fitting boxer underwear with long leg trunks must be worn to hide the weight surfaces. The loose-fitting cloth style sweat pant material also works very well at giving maximal hang room. In general, buy clothing that is loose fitting and very flexible and able to be worn without underwear.

Boxer style underwear is the best underwear choice, but any underwear will diminish room for the scrotal hang. If boxer underwear will be worn, use underwear that is a couple sizes larger than your size. It is best to buy materials that will not require underwear for a discreet look, however, loose boxer underwear and loose fitting clothing also are an acceptable way to continue the leisure-time at home stretching regimen.

4. Alter the scrotal hang in some way to accommodate tighter pant styles: This is a catch-all category. In the above categories, scrotal hang modification has been discussed. This includes removal of leisure-time weights and wearing only permanent weights to work or to a formal occasion under dress style clothing. The disguise of the full scrotal hang with 4 ½ inches of metal weights was also discussed by positioning the hang inside a pair of tight style briefs for a work-out or at home house/lawn work application that does not involve sitting down; the testicles will be positioned near the tailbone and sitting down is impossible.

There are also other ways to alter the scrotal hang. The author has experimented with full left and full right positions within tight underwear style briefs; however, the bulge of the testicles themselves is quite obvious. The author has also experimented with pulling the testicles and penis in a straight upward position with the waist band of tight underwear holding them in place, but the method of hiding them within the brief style underwear as described above seems to work better.

In this section, the author is looking for ways his readers have found to hide the crotch bulge of users who use permanent metal weights. The floor is open for discussion! Please make a post on Secret Leather's discussion forum for inclusion of your metho.

A Practical Clothing Guide for the Busy Professional Man: After much thought, experimentation with various clothing and underwear methods, the author has come to the conclusion that he has found the perfect setup. Clothing, permanent weights, and underwear methodology which gives perfect convenience along with result-based weight strategies.

Underwear usage:

The author has discovered that he needs the extra friction of underwear to help hold up the shorts or pants being worn. Without underwear, these clothing items are at risk of slipping down. That being said, however, the author uses the following underwear method which continues to provide 100% unhindered scrotal hang under the clothing being worn.

All the underwear being used in this practical method are brief style underwear. They need not be expensive, but must have a tight fit. The author suggests using brief style underwear that is one waist size lower than your actual size. The author has a 34 inch waist currently, but uses a 32 or 30 inch waist brief style underwear.

All the underwear used are also modified in the same way as described in the above Underwear Methods 1 and 2. That is, they have the two inch rip on the inside bottom attachment of the front flap. This rip expands the front underwear compartment so that more room is available for a very comfortable weight-at-work experience.

For an underwear method while at work or a social function where the sack must be restricted and confined to prevent a bulge, all the underwear used follow the Method 2 in the above paragraphs. That is, there are two pair of briefs worn. The sack is placed in front of the inside underwear flap but sits on the outside underwear flap. Again, expansive room is available. A second pair of underwear are also placed over the first pair. This second pair, also with the expanded front underwear compartment, serves to stabilize the scrotal placement for full day's work schedule WITHOUT any pinching, adjustments needed, or thought what-so-ever of the scrotal sack within the underwear compartment. An interesting side note is that the past summer 2011 the author has not used a sock on the scrotal hang. The sack is simply placed according to the method and remains stable all day.

For at-home and leisure-time, the same underwear method is continued. However, due to the modification of the underwear frontal flap, the sack hang can easily be brought past the outer flap and hang freely out the underwear flap. In essence, it is the same as no underwear at all but with the added security of underwear holding up the outer clothing. Now, the weighted sack hang is free to hang low for the best stretching stimulation.

For those busy men who find they have a mixture of leisure-time and professional social time throughout the day, the same underwear Method 2 continues to provide ultimate convenience. For those leisure-time hours the sack is allowed to hang freely through the underwear frontal flap on both pair of tight brief style underwear worn. For the professional duties, simply visit the men's room and replace the sack hang in the tight high and secure placement described in underwear Method 2 above. It takes 15-30 seconds of time to place the hang securely in the underwear frontal pouch. Now, a professional looking crotch is ready for professional activity.

Leisure-time Clothing:

For summertime wear both in and outdoors, public or private, cargo shorts provide a lot of convenience. These shorts are roomy, and extend down to the knee so that men with long hangs can allow the hang to go down a pant leg without worry of it hanging past the shorts hem. Wear cargo shorts that are one size larger than your actual waist size. The author wears a size 36 inch waist in his cargo shorts although the actual size is 34 inches. A belt and underwear Method 2 should also be used. This will help hold the oversized cargo shorts up while in public. Allow the sack to hang freely out of the underwear front flap when wearing cargo shorts. The roomy upper legs and crotch of the oversized cargo shorts allow a free and nearly unrestricted movement of the scrotal hang. Truly, these shorts are perfect for casual summertime stretching and wear. Choose dark colors to help keep the sack hang undetectable.

For summertime casual wear and indoors casual wear, loose-fitting mesh style basketball shorts can be used. Again, wear these shorts with a waist size one larger than your actual size so that extra room and length of the legs is there. A loose hanging weighted scrotal sack feels perfectly comfortable in this shorts style of clothing. Again, choose dark colors and make sure the polished appearance of the weights do not reflect through the mesh material. These shorts are also perfect for at home leisure-time during cold winter months, as long as the furnace is working well! Since the hem of the shorts on the legs are higher than cargo shorts, sometimes a long sack hang can expose its self past the shorts hem. Men with long hangs should keep this in mind when out in public.

Jeans have always been a problem, in finding something comfortable that balances hiding the scrotal sack as it hangs freely. Even wearing jeans that are one waist size larger, the crotch is still restrictive and the scrotal sack hanging down one leg is immediately obvious. When wearing jeans, it is best to wear the scrotal sack up high within the underwear frontal compartment. This prevents binding from the tight jean fitting in the crotch area, as well as providing a presentable appearance.

Nylon track style pants or nylon jogging pants are very roomy in the crotch area. This leisure-time pant style is perfect for casual at home wear or wearing while out in public. If the sack is allowed to hang freely out of the underwear, there is very little restriction of movement and lots of room to move. These pants are also great when worn in a double pair, one on top of another. This really helps conserve heat and helps keep the body warm and the scrotal sack in a relaxed phase of tension. Again, wearing this pant style one size larger than the actual size allows for lots of room in the crotch and upper leg areas. The weighted sack feels wonderfully at home in perfect comfort.

One user in the American southwest has written the author and let it be known that kilts offer the perfect stretching style of clothing. The sack is free to hang unrestricted. Kilts are stylish as well as letting it be known our great sense of individuality. If you have questions regarding kilts, please email the author for help.

Professional Clothing:

Professional clothing includes all styles of pants that are suitable for use in a work environment. This includes the pant styles by makers such as St. John's Bay®, Levi Dockers®, Arizona Jean Co®., as well as tailored suit pants. Again, choose dark pant colors to help hide any bulge in the crotch.

Unfortunately, professional pant clothing have very restrictive crotch areas. As in jeans, this style of clothing is very difficult to hide a long sack hang. That being said, the best recommendation for professional pant styles is that the sack hang be placed within the frontal underwear compartment

. Wear pant sizes that are your actual waist size. Underwear Method 2 will hold the sack and weights in perfect placement throughout the day. Since the crotch bulge is still somewhat larger than the average man, having a bit of extra crotch room material is helpful. This can be helped by wearing the pants low with the waist around the hips, not above. This is especially true when sitting for long periods of time. A belt should be worn to help hold the pants in place. Before buying a pair of pants, always make sure to try them on in the changing rooms to ensure your satisfaction with the crotch area. Experiment with different pant sizes for the best choice in balancing crotch room with appearance. Be sure to wear underwear Method 2 with the sack inside the underwear when trying new pants.

For suit pants, the size is custom tailored to fit your body. Tailors often ask "dressing left" or "dressing right". This means which direction the penis is placed within the underwear. Let the tailor know that ample room in the crotch is necessary. When being measured by the tailor, make sure to wear the underwear Method 2 so that measurements will be the most accurate for your custom fitting. Try having the pants tailored wearing the waist around the hips, giving more material to the crotch area. If the tailor objects, let him know you prefer this way for comfort. They will understand.

The author has found no difference in the crotch roominess of the two pant styles of pleats or flat-front. The flat-front style seems to be the new trend in pants, so this style is probably a better choice.

The Ideal Weight Setup:

Through lots of experimentation, the author has found that using a set of permanent weight at 32 - 40 ounces is ideal for the busy professional man. The weight length is 2 - 2 ½ inches, making them extremely comfortable even when worn all day long in the front compartment of underwear Method 2.

While at work, this permanent weights setup will stay in place without any pinching or binding of the sack skin. This allows for a very modest crotch bulge as well as the ability to spend all energy on work related tasks and not the status of the scrotal hang.

For those who prefer higher weight levels, remember that the permanent weights will always be worn and do not change. Leisure-time weights can always be added to the hang for an increased weight level. The leisure-time weights are free and open to be added as the user wishes.

The author has used this clothing and weight guide for a long time, and has found it to be extremely convenient and provides no extra stress to daily living activities. With the ability to let the sack hang freely out the underwear or the ability to pull the sack up high within the underwear compartment, the user is prepared for all situations both planned and surprised. The ability to add an extra weight to the sack hang when away from work is also nice for those who would like more weight. Before the next day's work schedule begins, removing the leisure-time weight is fast and simple....the permanent weights hide very well within the underwear. Perfect convenience! .