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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

The Principle of Skin Expansion

The theory behind ball stretching and scrotal growth is that by applying a gentle but gradually increasing tension over extended periods of time, the scrotum and internal connective tissue suspending the testicles inside the scrotum will actually grow and become longer and larger. Actually, the words "Ball Stretching" are a partial misnomer. The stretching of the scrotal sack is a stimulus for new cell growth in the scrotal sack and internal tissues contained within the scrotal sack. The application of a small constant tension to any part of the skin (such as the ball sack) is the stimulus for the body to grow new skin cells. This is the principle of skin expansion. The growth of new scrotal sack cells and internal tissue cells makes the scrotal sack grow larger and the connective tissues suspending the testicles allow them to hang lower. For example, if a rubber band is stretched so it becomes longer, the individual particles of the rubber band are pulled further apart in all directions. When the rubber band is then relaxed, it will return to its original shape. However, if new rubber band particles were added to take up the larger space between the existing stretched rubber band particles, the rubber band would increase in thickness and size when it is then relaxed. The principle of skin expansion is also used for those practicing the skin stretching methods of foreskin restoration, as well as for use in hospital Burn Wards. The existing skin of burn victims is stretched by the placement of a balloon under the skin which is slowly inflated over a few days. The expanding balloon exerts a stretch stimulus to the skin which responds in turn by the growth of new skin cells for later transplantation.

The purpose, action, and mechanisms of the scrotal sack are entirely preserved. Scrotal skin is unique in that the skin is lined with smooth muscle tissue sensitive to temperature and emotional stress. If the temperature of the surroundings is warm, the scrotal skin relaxes allowing the testicles to hang lower and operate at a lower temperature. The sperm production process of meiosis (spermatogenesis) is temperature sensitive and can only be successful if the testicle temperature is a few degrees lower than the body temperature. If the surroundings are colder, the scrotal skin contracts pulling the balls up close to the body for warmth. Also, during times of emotional stress and anger, the scrotal skin automatically contracts very tight. This is a throwback up the evolutionary path, when our ancestors were creatures subjected to violent breeding and territorial fights. The scrotum becomes very contracted tight and tough in order to protect and prevent injury to the testicles.

There are three phases of scrotal skin tension, regardless of the practice of scrotal skin stretching.

1.Tight and fully contracted: In this phase, the scrotal skin is bunched together so tight that it takes on the appearance of the ash tree bark. This is usually termed the "tight" phase. The smooth muscles of the scrotal skin are fully contracted which pulls the skin together in all directions. This creates tight wrinkles all over the scrotal skin surface as the skin is bunched up and held tightly together and takes on a very firm and hard texture. This phase is uncommon and generally appears only during periods of cold (especially sudden "shock" cold), emotional distress, and sexual activity (however some men find their scrotal sack relaxes completely during sexual activity). Most of the stretching stimulus applied to the skin in this phase is used to pull the scrotal skin muscles apart with only a small percentage of the stretching stimulus going to the actual stretching of scrotal skin.

2. Somewhat tight/somewhat loose and not fully contracted: This is termed the "half-tight" phase of scrotal tension. This phase is actually the entire continuum between fully tight and fully relaxed scrotal phases and is the most common. Most men find that they are in this phase most of the time. In this phase, the scrotal sack is not held entirely firm but rather is movable, pliable, flexible but also somewhat tight. The surface of the scrotal skin is not entirely smooth but rather has tiny bumps and a few wrinkles where the underlying scrotal skin muscles are in partial contraction. The stretching stimulus is partially consumed in this phase because a small percentage of the stimulus is used to pull the scrotal skin muscles apart.

3. Loose, totally flexible and low hanging. In this phase, the skin of the scrotal sack is extremely loose, visibly smooth and feels warm to the touch. In this phase, the scrotal sack hangs at its lowest length and the testicles are most vulnerable. This is termed the "relaxed" phase of scrotal tension. After spending 15 or so minutes in a hot bath or hot-tub, most men will find their scrotal sack in this phase of relaxation. This phase is also uncommon and is only present during times of physical warmth, low-stress, and emotional well-being. A few men will also find their sack hanging loosely in this phase before/during/after sexual activity. The scrotal sack is entirely available to the effects of the stretching stimulus of new cell growth since 100% of the stretching tension is applied to the stretching of the skin and not against the stretching of tight scrotal skin muscles. Since this is the most efficient phase of scrotal skin tension, it is the most desired in men with interest in gaining a larger scrotal sack. This phase can be attained also through the addition of topical shea butter lotion, or other lotions containing shea butter. The shea butter relaxes the skin muscles of the scrotum in phases 1 and 2 of skin tension. The tighter skin is relaxed and moves to the next phase in scrotal skin relaxation.