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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Ball Stretching using Manual Stretching

Exercise 7

7. Let the testicles hang loosely in the stream of water in the shower. At this point the skin should be totally relaxed and hanging at the full length. Take the left and right sides of the hanging sack and using the thumb and forefinger, pull in opposite directions directly left and right. Pull tight and hard opposite directions unless/until pain is felt. Using only the thumb and forefinger, stretch in incremental places starting at the top of the scrotum and work downward a thumbs width at a time until you reach the bottom of the scrotum. This stretches out the skin in the mid section of the scrotum horizontally left to right. The skin was already stretched up and down, left and right in previous exercises. This exercise is beneficial because the local skin tension is higher and the stretch force is distributed to a smaller area of the scrotum as it is worked from the top traveling down on the scrotum.