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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Ball Stretching using Manual Stretching

Exercise 8

8. In addition to the shower manual stretching exercises, the author recommends some additional stretching in the comfort of your home. If the stretcher and/or weight and testicles are able to hang out the shorts leg, they can be grabbed and held. Pull them by wrapping the thumb and forefinger around the top of the testicles and pull away from the body and hold for 30 seconds and repeating again. Sometimes sneakiness and cleverness must be used, such as putting a thin blanket over the legs and waist and then letting the testicles fall out of the shorts and do the stretching under the blanket. Another stretching exercise (which requires a longer hang) is when laying flat, prop the back up on several pillows, turn on the TV, get under a thin blanket, put the knees up in an upright position and let the testicles hang down the leg out the shorts hem and rest on the surface of the sofa or bed. Wrap the left hand behind the left leg (behind the femur) and grab the testicles around the top with the thumb and forefinger and pull the testicles around the back of the leg towards the left. Hold this position several minutes, maybe even the entire length of a TV show. For the next show on TV, use the right hand and stretch that way for an entire TV show. These long sessions stretch both spermatic cords as well as the scrotal sack. The forefinger may get tired, but experiment with slightly different placements of the thumb and forefinger wrapped around the scrotum. There is one position where the force is equal between the two fingers and the stretching pressure is enough to hold the testicles in place with very little pull from the forefinger thus allowing the hold to last for a half hour or more.