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Jarod Johansen's Ball Stretching Guide

Q. Why do I need SheaCoa™ Butter?

A. If you stretch your scrotum using steel weights or similar devices, you are putting the skin under some strain and subjecting it to fairly high levels of friction. SheaCoa™ butter helps in two ways;

1. It is an excellent, natural and long lasting lubricant. If you wear a steel weight it necessarily grips the skin of your scrotum. Too loose and it slips off. Too tight and the weight does not do its job which is to slide down the scrotum applying weight against the testicles and utilising gravity to stretch your ball sack. SheaCoa™ applied to the scrotum provides effective and long lasting slide, enabling the steel to slip easily down the skin with minimal resistance.

2. In spite of the excellent lubricating characteristics of SheaCoa™, wearing steel next to the skin stretches the skin. This unavoidably causes abrasion (if it doesn't you're not stretching effectively) and dries it out. SheaCoa™ helps to maintain your skin's elasticity by keeping it effectively moisturised. Shea butter and Cocoa butter have long been lauded for their highly effective moisturising benefits.